Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crunchy, Yummy Goodness (I think.)

I just went online to Callie's Pretzel Factory and ordered some pretzels.

We went there on vacation and bought a bunch of stuff. Now I'm addicted.

They make an "Everything Pretzel" which has garlic, onion, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and salt. Very strong, flavorful, yummy and crunchy!

While there we also sampled some tasty buttermilk ranch pretzels (hard pretzels). Delicious. Brillo Man and I searched the "showroom" for the coveted pretzels. Aha! Found them! ...into our basket they went! I opened the bag when we got home and ate two of the tasty nuggets. Olivia had two as well. Then I went to bed because I had to work that night. After I got up and jumped in the shower, Olivia comes busting in the bathroom...

"MOM! Dad ruined the meatloaf! He put beans in it! I hate beans in my meatloaf!"

Brillo Man, who is usually a pretty good cook, put a can of baked beans on top of the meatloaf. No problem Olivia, we'll scrape the beans off. I dished up the meatloaf and started eating. Interesting...there were these gloppy, doughy, doughball things in the meatloaf. What in the world?!

Later, I'm packing my lunch for work....
"Randy, where are those ranch pretzels?"
"I put them in the meatloaf."
"WHAT?!" (that explains the doughball things....)
"Why in the world would you put them in the meatloaf?"
"I didn't think they would get eaten."
Olivia started crying..."I really, wanted those pretzels Mom...and Dad ruined the meatloaf..."

The next day....I get up from having slept after working all night. Something smells good. "Randy, what are you cooking?"
"I rescued the meatloaf."
"I rescued the meatloaf and made some (cream of doughball) soup."

The soup was actually really good and the the doughy-pretzel-doughball things tasted just like doughballs --perfect in the soup --not so good in the meatloaf.

...but I can't wait until the UPS driver shows up at my door with the pretzels! I immediately will be hiding them so they don't end up a mystery ingredient in some new-fangled dish!


KayMac said...

...and the legend of pretzel soup begins!

Pat said...

What a great story! Somehow that meatloaf with the pretzels sounds really good to me, but the soup sounds even better; and you thought you were the only artist in the family!
Cook on Brillo Man!

Mrs. Mac said...

Pretzel soup, beans on meatloaf, what did you do with the money your mom gave you for cooking school, Brillo Man???? I must admit, you are VERY creative ... just don't be so obvious next time ... kids hate beans on top of stuff.

word verification: outiess as opposed to innies I guess

Call me Craig LaBan said...

I do not know this Brillo Man person that is spoken of. If I did I bet he would tell me that the beans were actually only a few, not the whole can; an experiment of sorts to keep the MAGNIFICENT MEATLOAF from drying out. I think he would also say that pretzels would have been lost in an abyss of I’ll eat those someday collection. I think he would also say that great things; like the accidental first moon landing, are the result of accidents. That soup I’ll bet was a great thing that pales the lunar thing. He sounds like quite a guy.

Mrs. Mac said...

call me craig ... I mean Mr. Brillo, next time try ketchup on top of the meatloaf to keep it from drying out ... kids eat anything with ketchup on top. And if you are to infuse pretzels again, try crushing them first inside a plastic bag giving it a good once over with a rolling pin. The thought process is good, just not the execution. :) :) :)

Deb said...

....I'm wondering just how much time it took Brillo Man to search the net to come up with his "craig laban" identity....time he could have well spent practicing his cooking skills. mrs. mac is's all in the execution.

Trish said...

I just wish my Tomer liked to cook!
Glad you could replenish those yummy sounding pretzels for Miss Olivia!

I did nto get my cooking skills from my dad. said...

Yuck, Dad what were you thinking when you put the beans on top of the meatloaf. as for pretzel soup maybe its just me but that doesnt sound to good either.