Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pretty Bird

This robin sits for hours a day staring at her reflection in our woodstove stovepipe. And she preens....undoubtedly making herself pretty for the upcoming egg-laying event. Note how plump her belly is...bursting with eggs!

Her nest (although you can't see it very well in the photo below due to the glare on the kitchen window) is right behind her - on a rung of the ladder which Brillo Man took outside for our neighbor to use while he was helping us clean the chimney.

Brillo Man commented just two days ago that he needed to move the ladder because the birds were building a nest. Guess who didn't get the ladder moved in time? I told him this morning that I hoped he wasn't going to be needing that ladder any time soon because the birds' nest stays! Mama's ready to lay her eggs - and she's in no condition to be building a new nest now!

By the way, my computer is driving me nuts (more nuts that I already am normally.) The virus is unrelenting. I can only visit one or two webpages and then all of a sudden it downloads a bazillion ads. We have tried everything we can think of to fix it and none of the anti-viral programs or registry restorations or system restores or ANYTHING is working! We have spent literally HOURS trying to rid the computer of this virus. Therefore, I'm buying a new computer. A laptop. I've wanted one ever since my old one died several years ago. Also, we'll be able to take it with us when we go on vacation so I'll be able to give vacation updates to all my blog friends and lurking neighbors! (you know who you are, Bob and Sue!)

Gotta go before my computer loads more ads! Besides, Olivia is "snapping" at me that she wants me to go draw pictures with her. She has learned to snap her fingers and walks around the house constantly snapping! She's been snapping for days...I wonder how long this phase will last?!...

If you come across a bird's nest beside the road,
either in a tree or on the ground
(or in the rung of your ladder),
and the mother is sitting on the young or on the eggs,
do not take the mother with the young.
-Deuteronomy 22:6


Diane said...

I love to watch birds! The little robin is sooo ready to begin her nesting. Can't wait to hear about the babies!!!

C'mon now Mom....snap, snap!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Many hugs......


Terry said...

oh deb...i never even knew that verse was in the bible!
how kind you are to leave the little robin and the nest alone and safe.

ha ! snap! it bothering you mama?
she'll stop when she finally realizes that all that snapping gets pretty hard on the thumb.
ha ! tell her if she keeps snapping like that, she will get big calluses!!

guess who is looking at me every time i open my lap top.
no not a grey kitty, not a grey squirrel or even a pretty little robin or a cute baby or a pretty sunset,.
give up? is standing there. i swiped him from your picture blog........
bernie's cat keeps giving him dirty looks...jealous animal!........hope you get your new laptop soon deb.
just as well you never bought that umbrella for the doggie! you can use the money for that laptop.
miss your daily terry

Jada's Gigi said...

Well there IS a verse for everything! :)
We usually have several nests around our house but I haven't noticed any this year yet.

Pat said...

What a birds eye view you have! Don't you just love to see that robin? I'd be watching her all the time! I agree, that ladder has to stay for now.
What a perfect verse, I loved it!

Trish said...

What a perfect Terry I never knew it was there! Isn't birdwatching relaxing...I'd be snooping on her constantly! Snap, snap...Miss Olivia's calling. LOL

Call me: Bird man from Sugar Grove said...

This is perfect, all that brillo guy needs to do is get a few dozen fake birds nests and he'll never have to take care of anything again, as long as he lives.

Margie said...

you've got to take the motherboard out, get it cleaned off. Everytime you turn your computer off, it reloads the virus. No amount of software will help you with this issue. But in the future, make sure your anti-virus software is updated and runs every day!!

I totally sound like i know what I'm talking about... I'm so smart!

Constance said...

Not that I didn't believe you but I had to go look in Deuteronomy for myself! Great verse! One of the ladies I clean for has a red cardinal every Spring who drives himself crazy bouncing off her big picture windows!! We think it's b/c they're mirror-like. She "soaped" them last week and he was no where around!! best friend Brenda has Robins that built a nest in her front door wreath last year and laid 2 batches of eggs that HATCHED!!!! The babies grew up and flew away!
(Kind of like my own babies!)

PS I want a laptop...sigh

Trish said...

We now have a sparrows nest under our mailbox, where the newspaper should go. Thankfully, our paper gets left on the porch!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

What a fascinating photo of the preening robin :) Poor Brillo Man will learn that next year all ladders must be inside the garage before nesting season ;) ... and about that snapping thing with Olivia ... well, it is a phase that may last a while at her age ... sorta like tying your shoes or riding a bike ... fun at first. Hang in there with the pc bug ... hoping your new laptop is in the budget ... and soon!


wv = fraticiz the name of the nasty pc virus ... Latin of course;)