Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Is it just me? Or... I the only one who...

...once led through the "catacombs" of the doctor's office hallways, upon ending the appointment and am instructed that it's okay to leave, do not have a CLUE which direction will lead me out of the building? NOT rushing right in to Arby's upon reading the message on their marquee: "HURRY IN - MUSHROOM ROASTBURGERS ARE HERE!"

...still remembers when you "send your money before midnight tonight" you'll get not one, but TWO sets of Ginsu Knives?! convinced that my six pound weight gain over the last three weeks is due to the new medication that I've been taking?! (Surely, I'm NOT eating more?!)

...knows that Brillo Man called the vet today to check on Bentley not just because he "happened to see the phone number on caller ID and decided to call"...but because he TRULY was concerned and wanted to know that Bentley is doing well (because he LOVES the dog - even though he won't admit it!)? (Look upon whose lap Bentley sits in the above photo - that's certainly not MY hairy arm!)

(Brillo Man has reported that Bentley is doing well. We'll be bringing him home tomorrow.)


Terry said...

aw deb...just look at bentley's handsome little face and tell me that brillo man is not surely in love with this little guy, just as trish and i are..
i hope that he will not be crying tonight.[bentley, not brillo man]
do doggies usually have to stay over night.
olivia must really miss him.
medication can make you gain weight deb and besides it wouldn't be would be fluid.
deb, one time my brother stopped at the buffalo border, parked his car and went in for a bite to eat at the restaurant.
when he came back out, his heart dropped because he thought someone had stolen his car.
turns out that he went out the wrong door and the parking lot looked the very same...when he went back in and went back out on the other side, he discovered that his old bucket of bolts was still parked where he had left it..i mean who would have wanted to steal it anyway, eh..ha
you are normal deb...these things happen to us all.
how many times i have used a coupon or tried to use one when buying a burger and then discover that the coupon had embarrassing..
take care terry

byhisgracealone said...

the first week my husband got his temporary partials, he called me ten minutes after he had left the house for work and asked if I could meet him at the door...he had forgotten his teeth!!! I was like....WHAT???? I say that a lot.. WHAT????

(sorry, i thought it was better to pick on Ron this morning than to tell all the forgetful goofy things I have done.. I'm so bad!!)

Constance said...

YES, the exits definitely need to be marked better! Maybe blinking neon arrows for people like me!

I haven't been to ARBY's in forever! In fact, I rarely eat fast food at all. Usually when we are on vacation is about the only time. I don't think I'm missing anything to be honest!

I have to admit, forgetting one's teeth is something, for the life of me, I can't figure out how you'd forget? At least it made me laugh!

Trish said...

Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who gets turned around in those
mazes they call hallways!
Of course it's the meds that have caused the weight gain...Terry's right it's fluid!
Glad to hear that Bentley's doing
well...cause ya' know I covet your dog!!!

Pat said...

I can get turned around very easily, especially in those large medical buildings...and also in a small one.
I love me some Arby's. Haven't had any in quite a while though. Maybe its time to stop in again.
I don't even want to talk about weight's evil.

Diane said...

I'm with Pat, weight gain is evil; that's my story and I'm stickin to it!

So happy little Bentley is doing well! Such a sweetie pie!

I will not discuss forgetfulness, mostly because I can't remember what I wanted to say!

Many hugs........


Mrs. Mac said...

I'm like that at Sprawlmart. I hate going there for just a few items. And ... thanks for clearing up the question of the hairy arm in the adorable Bentley photo ;)

Maybe you should leave a few bread crumbs in the hallway so you can find your way out of the doctor's office (just a thought).