Thursday, April 02, 2009


....don't worry Margie...I'm not the one giving away anything this time! For those of you who don't know, Margie won my giveaway...and her gift is still sitting on my desk!!! argh.

Anyway, go visit Jill and enter her giveaway. Even better, be immensely BLESSED by her blog! It's one of my new favorites! The subject which precedes her contest announcement is rich and full of God's amazing love for us.

I add new blogs every day and wonder how I'm going to keep up. Each day, I say that I'm not adding anymore...and then I stumble upon a wonderful blog such as Jill's and I just can't resist!

I do know that I am blessed that the Lord is directing me to places on the internet that are filled with His love and grace...through the words of some awesome Christian bloggers!

Hurry! Go enter the contest! You only have until midnight tonight!!!!


byhisgracealone said...

I am thankful for all the friends God has brought me through blogging....and blessed that you are one!!

Pat said...

I so agree, I keep saying I'm not adding any more bloggers to my list of regulars...but then I find another special one.
I wouldn't trade one of you wonderful friends for anthing in the world. I can't always make it to every blog or if I do visit sometimes I don't have time to comment, but I really love each and every one. You my friend are one of the very first and like Donna says, I'm blessed with your friendship.

Terry said...

dear deb,
you are right, it is so hard to keep up with all the wonderful people we have met in the blog world, and there is always another one sent our way like pat says, we start to write to and would not trade them for anything.
i, for one am so glad that connie brought diane into our lives.
oh what an encourager she is.
and the day that miss patty answered a comment that i sent her way a few years back was a very happy day indeed for me. i met her at mrs. macs
i found donna at noel lewis's.
and you deb i used to read your comments at miss patty's and sara's. some of them were so funny.
well i better mosy on terry

Terry said...

hi deb....hope everything is going well with you....have a great terry