Monday, April 06, 2009

The Day.

Tomorrow is the day.

We take Bentley to the vet. He's four months old and time to be neutered.

"Olivia, I want you to remember that you can't feed Bentley in the morning because he is going to the vet for surgery and he has to have an empty tummy."

"What kind of surgery?"

"He's going to have surgery so that he can't have any puppies."

"But Mom, he's a boy. He can't have puppies."

"Oh, right. Well, he just has to have some tests and we want to make sure his tummy is empty so that he won't get a tummy ache."

"....(pause)....But Mom..."

"Olivia, Do you have any homework to do tonight? Let's go find your bookbag!"

....whew. Successfully avoided that topic for another day!


Terry said...

oh for the innocence of a sweet child like olivia, deb.
that little one of yours is a real treasure..

poor, poor doggie though.
he will he will be all right terry

Margie said...

that's funny!!

Constance said...

Yes, but for how long?

Pat said...

Spitting coffee...that's so funny! I think you did a good job, you don't want to give her more info then her little self can handle right now. Although, she seems pretty savvy to me!

Trish said...

That Olivia is one smart gal and I don't think you fooled her one bit!
One day, out of nowhere, she is going to hit you with more questions!!!
Bentley is soo cute...ya know, I still covet your dog!!!

Diane said...

Ahhh the joys of navigating innocence! What a treasure that Olivia still possesses such innocence in this age of so much innocence lost. Hope Bently is doing well!



Lori said...

You're a really bad liar. I don't think Olivia is fooled by your little dance around that subject. Just tell her the trusth...she can take it.

Mrs. Mac said...

How is Bentley? Did he survive his surgery? Is Olivia asking any more questions?