Saturday, August 11, 2007

wasted time....

It's 1:15 am.

Well, that's what time it is while I'm typing.

I'm about to fall asleep - but can't seem to pull myself away from this strange website.

...trying to think what I can put in my microwave...just for fun?

Love this --a complete waste of time and energy! (wasting time is what I'm all about!)

Which one is your favorite?
I think I'm partial to the marshmallows.


Sara said...

thank you for a link to another place to waste my time. all that extra time was really wearing on me. meanwhile, easter peeps in the microwave become giant and then taste like campfire roasted. try it.

Pat said...

I'm sure glad I don't sit in front of the TV wasting my time - this is much more entertaining.
I like the marshmallows too because they are white.

Kelly said...

So yeah I love the random things you post. I sat here and watched it all. So I would have to say my favorite thing would be the Christmas Lights!

KayMac said...

I liked the marshmallows, altho they reminded me of my temper at times...explodes and then leaves a huge sticky mess all over the place!!

Janet Rubin said...

Oh my gosh. I will send this link to my teenager and she will be delighted. I can just see her and her friends watching for hours. Wonderful. I watched the glue and mallows. Great fun, but enought "eating the bread of idlenss..."