Saturday, August 04, 2007

Finally Doing That "Tag" Thing....

Eight Random Facts About Myself:

1) I spend too much time
on any given day
searching for gray hairs
and plucking them out.

2) I can’t think of any day
when I haven’t been
in denial of something.

3) My “Top Ten Things to Do Before I Die” list
includes taking a ride in a hot air balloon.

4) I don’t have a favorite color,
although Olivia INSISTS that it’s green.
(Although if Brillo Man
should ever want
to buy me some jewelry...
the Emerald IS my birth stone after all...)

5) If I read one book per week,
it would take me more than five years
to read all the books that I own.

6) As I type this, (at 1:24 am)
I am wishing I had
a piece of sausage and black olive pizza
from Pizza Joe’s.

7) I don’t like snowball fights.
(It’s all fun and games
until someone loses an eye!)

8) One of my favorite scents
is the smell of Crayola crayons.

(This Next photo is just for you Pat...)


Sara said...

i LOVE the scent of crayolas! and green!

Pat said...

I love the scent of black and white crayolas! You crack me up - again!

That's a great list - and great illustrations to go with it.

I could go for some pizza too - any time day or night.

Margie said...

I like the smell of crayons too. When I was a kid, I remember always wanting the 64 color box with it's own sharpener but only being able to get the box of 48. My daughter had endless boxes of crayons, she didn't like using the ones that weren't sharp.

Green is a good color but blue is better

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

Red for me and also the smell of crayons is still great to me! I do like the smell of watermelon better though!