Friday, August 10, 2007

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

The Great News of the day is that Kelly's EEG revealed NO sign of epilepsy!
They're weaning her off the meds and we're believing that this whole seizure thing was just a one-time incident - never to return again! Our God Reigns! Jehovah Rapha - The Lord Who Heals!!

After a stressful day in our mortgage business world...Olivia decided that she was going to perform a Ballet for any and all who were interested. She lined up quite a few of her stuffed animals, requested that I play some appropriate ballet music and then she and Ballerina Bear did a dance after her brief introduction:
"Ladies and Gentlemen, announcing Olivia!
I will now begin my dance for Jesus!
Please take your seats
so the dance can begin!"

The entire time she was dancing, she was also singing another of her 'made-up' songs..."God is holy, I will worship Him, He is holy, He is holy, We will praise Him and dance for Him for He is holy..."

She makes my heart smile - and is ever so good at reminding me that life is so much more than mortgages, bills and worries about finances.
God is good.
All the time!

Here she is, following the performance, with some of her "fans".

Left to Right: Purpley CareBear, Olivia-Prima Ballerina, Orangey Bear, Valentine Bear, Dolly Lolly, Dolly Polly, cousins of the ever-beloved Dolly (note, Dolly appears as though she has been dragged through the mud --can we EVER give her a bath? NO! Her trusted ever-present companion...just wait until school starts!...Dolly and Oxyclean are going to have some time to get to know each other!), Bob and Larry, and "the Orange Bear that those nice people at Stuffmart gave her after they won it in the crane thing." Not Pictured: Dolly Molly (Dolly's sister) and Birthday Hippo - both of whom were taking a nap. Also note her legs --with the "tattoos" of Ariel and Belle --which are obviously wearing off. "MOM! I HAVE TO GET NEW TATOOS AND YOU HAVE TO TAKE THAT PICTURE AGAIN!"

More Fans:

...And now the encore...

Our Prima Ballerina with Ballerina Bear

Wardrobe provided by Grandma Leanne


Mrs. Mac said...

Wow, such a young heart after the Lord ... what a sweet blessing you have there in Olivia. BTW, do you have an extra bedroom to house all of her friends? What a collection! And I should have realized her legs were sporting tattoos and not bruises ...

Pat said...

At first I too thought she had bruised legs - gotten while traipsing through the state park!
She's quite an inspiration - Oh to be a child with such innocence and trust. Isn't that what God tells us we should be? There's a lesson here, sister - thanks!

Jada's Gigi said...

She is a doll!! thank God for some stress relief in this mortgage and market challenged month we're having..yikes!! I know its a real burden for your family.