Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Things of Life

Okay --just so ya'll stop complaining that I haven't been keeping you informed --yes, I'm in the current (September) issue of GUIDEPOSTS Magazine. Not a big deal --just a little blurb on the last page. (They saved the best for last, of course!)

Betsy Wetsy Etsy did put your order through. I have your card ready to mail --just need to take it to the post office for hand canceling --wouldn't want that monkey squished in the automated system!

I accept your apology for Sara --although as a Mom, you really needn't take responsiblity for your adult childrens' actions.

And as for the next "thing of life"...and I realize that as I'm typing this, Brillo Man's 'forever oldest' and 'formerly youngest' have yet to learn this news unless they've spoken to Grandma Erskine today....After a very, very long doctor's appointment yesterday, we have learned that Brillo Man's hip which he had replaced in July 2006 will need to be redone. Not fun at all. Although we really knew that this was coming --it wasn't at all easy to hear. Here is the remarkable part --after an hour of intense conversation with his (new, never before seen, 2nd opinion orthopaedic surgeon), Dr. Piston began talking about the Lord and how he knows that God is always there - walking with us through all that this life brings - carrying us when we only see one set of footprints in the sand. He talked about Job, reminding us of all that he endured, yet Job still glorified God. He told us that he would be praying for Randy, not only for his health, but for our finances which in our human eyes will be stretched beyond the limit throughout this process, as Randy will not be able to do any work for a number of months. We both sat in the office and cried as Dr. Piston talked about the faithfulness of the Lord and then gave Randy a huge bear hug! (sorry Brillo Man, now the countless millions who read my blog who all along have just taken you for a comic, will know that deep down, you are a tenderhearted, loveable, sensitive guy...One of the MANY reasons I fell in love with you!) We know that God works ALL things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose!

...And of course, that leads me to another thing of life...a friend and dear sister in the Lord whom I've never met, Arlene, continues to need us to storm the gates of heaven on her behalf! With all that she has and is enduring - her faith has never wavered. I'm sure she has no idea how much of an inspiration she is to me and others who know and love her and follow her blog. We continue to believe for her complete healing and pray that the Lord will be glorified through this situation.

And finally, the last, but not least, thing of was Olivia's official FIRST day of school. She was so excited and got very little sleep the night before. She dressed in the cutest outfit which she had chosen specifically for the first day. As we were ready to walk out the door, she really wanted to take Dolly with her, but I explained that Dolly needed to stay home. Her little mouth began to turn into a pout but thanks to quick thinking, I told her that Dolly would need to be home so she could keep watch over the chocolate pudding that Olivia would have as an after-school snack. It worked! No tears! We waited for the bus and prayed together that she would have a safe, happy day at school. After a full, exhausting day, the bus driver had to wake her up when she arrived at the end of our driveway. But she quickly disembarked, looked at me with evidence of chocolate pudding on her face from lunch and exclaimed that the cafeteria served salad and pizza and peaches and chocolate pudding on her tray for lunch - all her favorites. AND --the best thing of ALL was that she was able to snap her own skirt all by herself after using the bathroom! (She keeps me grounded! --Full of joy over the little things!) But God cares about even the smallest details of our lives. Even the hairs on our heads are counted. "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows."
—Matthew 10:29-31, NIV (Jesus speaking).

We should never lose sight of what God can do, big and small. all of today's things of life...I praise Him for the small joys, I praise Him for the expectant big miracles for all who need big miracles...and continue to trust that He is sovereign and faithful and keeping track of my hair count (down three due to the gray ones that I plucked while in the bathroom before typing this blog. Believe me, no one knows how great a miracle it is that He can keep up with my hair count because, as you may remember from my previous post, I spend WAY too much time in any given day removing those rogue hairs from my head!)

Know therefore that the LORD thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations.
-Dueteronomy 7:9


Jada's Gigi said...

You're in Guideposts?!?! congratulations!! so sorry to hear about Brillo's hip..and I've been wondering how you guys were fairing with the mortgage crisis. I'll be praying for you on all fronts..glad O had a great first day at school! Life really is in the details isnt' it?

Pat said...

I will run out and buy a copy of Guidepost immediately. I like to be friends with famous people whenever possible.
So sorry to hear about Brillo Man's hip - but how wonderful to know that God already knows about it and has it all taken care of and sends His reassurance through the most unexpected people. God is SO GOOD! Oh, I never doubted for a moment that Brillo Man's heart was tender - it's in every word he writes and all you've shared about him.
Sounds like Ms. O has everything in control - ya gotta just love her!

Sara said...

what a great post. and i am so excited about your debut! can guidepost be purchased over the counter? will be praying for brillo man's hip and drs. and tell miss o she looked ever so fabulous. i like her much more than etsy wetsy betsy.

Mrs. Mac said...

Now I've got to run downstairs to my soaking tub and retrieve my new edition of Guideposts! I'll be back to comment. Hold tight.

Mrs. Mac said...

OK ... I've seen the end of the magazine ... my, I would have been very pleased to have been soaking there in the bubble bath and reading your reader's comment ... including your picture and website!

The Lord has already paved the way for your hubby's upcoming surgery.. and I'm sure He's watching over your finances ... my prayers to Him are being sent on your behalf too!

That Olivia recap was just precious. I could almost see her little lower lip start to quiver over the doll ;)

Margie said...

what a great post! you always make me smile!

Will be praying for Brillo Man

Sara said...

etsy wetsy betsy finally sent my card! it's so fabulous i've already written a note and stamped it to a very special friend! hooray!

Becky said...

is there a website?