Monday, August 20, 2007

The Crunch is On

So...with all this talk all these months about my studio....the neat doors we're putting on the ceiling, etc... because of a billion other "priorities" - my studio has not been completed. In fact, it's FAR from started!

Brillo Man said to me two days ago --"This week, I want to get your studio finished." Yeah! Hooray!! Now finally, perhaps with Olivia starting school next week, I'll have some time to get back to my passion of creating!

Here are the "before" photos (All of you who are 'neat freaks' may not want to look - it could be too much for you!):

Some progress HAS been made --the garage door has been removed and two french doors put in it's place. The doorway to the next bay of the garage now has a door and not just an opening. Insulation has been added to the front wall. A pellet stove has been installed. We're not mentioning that all of that was done more than six months ago...

Of course, I'll share the "after" photos. (Brillo Man says one week --I say, don't look for the 'after' photos any time soon. - We still have to drive 60 miles to pick up the old doors which we bought for the ceiling --last summer. I hope the guy still has them!)

In the meantime, look for my art to appear on my etsy site. There are a couple of things there now --just so I could play around with listing.

I hope to get some good stuff listed in time for the Christmas shopping season! I go to work on THE STUDIO!


KayMac said...

Since you are extremely blessed in the talent department, I don't think you should even be worrying about the neat department...excited for your studio!

Ill believe it when I see it. said...

hmmm one week for Dad is more like 1 year..6 months at the least. Kind of like his 10 minutes turns into 2 hours. Deb have fun with that.

Jada's Gigi said...

go girl! see school is good for lots of things! :)

Pat said...

You think that's messy? HA! you should see our garage!
I'm getting all excited for you already-I can think of one thing it may need to make it officially complete - a big dish of Big Hunks and Abba Zabba's!

Mrs. Mac said...

Doors for the ceiling? Did I miss something? Can't wait to see the after photos. Tell Brillo Man to put on his after burners already ;)