Thursday, January 04, 2007

I neglected to mention that the new toilet we installed the other day isn't almond in color.

It's white.

The old toilet we took out was almond -- matching all the other porcelain items in the bathroom.

When Brillo Man announced to me that he had purchased this new toilet (because it's higher and will be easier for me to use considering the MS that I live with) I mentioned that it wasn't almond and that it didn't match and probably wouldn't look good and we should buy an almond one.

He told me that in order to get an almond color toilet in that height, it would have to be special ordered and would cost a bunch of money - as in "close to $400". (For a toilet?!)

I told him it wouldn't look good.

He said he'd put it downstairs in the basement bathroom. (Not that it will do me much good down there because obviously, I'm not going down a flight of stairs just to use a toilet that's three inches higher so that it will be easier for me to stand up.)

The next day, I told him that it didn't matter if the toilet were put in upstairs in the master bathroom (because I knew that's where he really wanted to install the thing).

Yesterday he said to me, "That toilet really doesn't look good in the bathroom. It doesn't match. I think I'll buy an almond colored one and swap them out because it really wouldn't be that much trouble to swap them out."

I looked at him and said, "Are you serious?!"


"I thought you said that it would cost almost $400 for a new almond color toilet which is that height."

"Well, we'll just have to find one that doesn't cost that much...."

(I'm not going to scream. Or lose my joy.)

Now may the God of patience and comfort grant you to be like-minded toward one another, according to Christ Jesus...
-Romans 15:5


Margie said...

Oh my... maybe you can sell the white one on e-bay, slightly used.

And yes.. I am still praying for you.

Sara said...

ha! you are me. i hope olivia doesn't dump q-tips into your white and/or almond toilet!

Who among you can understand women? said...

Who can find a virtuous husband, he rises early to set the commodes and works late into the evening catching fish and killing lions.
His family needs for naught and is well known on blogs for their 13.9 acres and garments of purple.

Oh great man who'll put away pride to say you were right. He gives gifts of Almond toilettes to adorn his wife's second bath with matching colors and fish tapestry walls.

He tends the vineyard and grows grapes for new wine and apples for pies and plums for sweet jelly.

He is known by his neighbors for plowing and tilling drainage caldrons by candlelight.

He'll wear rewashed garments and is known for setting trends of comfort and rebukes the tie. Woe to any top buttons and the wolf and the lion and the bear watch keenly for his shadow hiding their young at the very mention of his name. Known by wild Geese as the hunter, known by his dog as chilly cool Dr fizz smoove papa daddy no-blog alligator wrestler.

The mowers and tractors shine of new grease and oil, while shrubs silently send forth root systems into earthen footholds. Made strong by moderate doses of herbicides and 10-10-10 winter feedings.

Who can find a virtuous man.

Pat said...

Oh virtuous man, you forgot the wearing of pink underwear discolored by the tiny sweet sock of your loving daughter. you are indeed a virtuous man.
Deb, you've got to be laughing yourself right into joy over-load by now!

Mrs. Mac said...

Poor Mr. Brillo Man ... nothing is kept secret ... especially pink undies (lol). Next time call a plumber and have him install the corect color and height of said toilet. Then, only then, will you be redeemed of your ever so slight complaint; but you won't have as much "good" material to write about.

Deb said...

I'm typing this at 9:19 pm.

Ten minutes ago, Brillo Man donned his favorite warm sweatshirt hoodie and announced he was "going outside".

me: It's 9 o'clock!!
Brillo Man: so?
Olivia: Daddy, can I go with you?
Brillo Man: No, I think I'm going to be driving the tractor.
me: (thinking - it's 9 o'clock!!)

A few minutes afterward, I read his comment above, part of which reads: "He is known by his neighbors for plowing and tilling drainage caldrons by candlelight."

I have to say that I laughed so hard at his "virtuous husband" rant that I thought I was going to choke or have a heart attack or something!!!

There are times when he cracks me up!

tina fabulous said...

you know how men are... they will take any number of detours to defect to our side without having to admit being wrong and then appear to have had the idea the entire time.

KayMac said...

What a fun day at your blog! I reread a couple more times just b/c it was so fun.

Sara said...

as a health care professional, it just occurs to me to mention that one can purchase a toilet seat lift for just such situation without rending one's entire septic system assunder. meanwhile, i think that you need to keep brillo man around if nothing else, for comic relief.