Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Little Princess

Olivia is still not feeling well. After doing so much better last evening, this morning I awoke to sounds of her being sick --again. Poor little thing --she can't keep anything down except for an occasional sip of ginger ale.

We're spending the day on the couch together - watching kids' shows on Noggin and The Wizard of Oz (again).

She just took her head off my lap, sat up, swung her feet around and stuck them in my face.

"Mom, tickle the bottom of my feet but not a funny tickle."

"Olivia, you are such a little princess."

"Mom, I am not a princess. Do I look like a princess? Look at me. I don't look like a princess."

"Well, princesses are beautiful and you're beautiful, so you could be a princess. And besides, people usually do whatever a princess asks them to do and you just asked me to tickle your feet."

"Mom, I'm not a princess."

"I think you're a princess."

"Mom. I'm sick. This is not the time for joking around. Now rub my feet."

The photo is of Princess Olivia and Grandma Leanne (my mom). Grandma Leanne made Olivia's princess dress for her. Olivia usually enjoys being a princess --except for today...


Pat said...

What a sweet little barefoot princess! Grandma Leanne can really sew a beautiful princess dress!!
I hope Ms. O feels better soon, it's taken me about 4 days to get over this stomach bug. I'm not completely well, but almost there... I can tell, because I'm craving a Hershey bar with almonds, thats a sure sign all is returning to normal.
Praying for the princess.

Margie said...

hope she feels better soon!

And she indeed is a princess

char said...

Awwww, poor baby. I hope she feels better soon. BTW, that picture was taken while we were visiting! :)

I hope Mommy can get some rest soon too.

KayMac said...

Hope she soon feels as beautiful as she looks in this pic!

Mrs. Mac said...

Hopefully her tummy bug will pack its bags and take a long hike very soon! Tell Olivia that every girl is a princess.

Margie said...

how is she doing?

Jada's Gigi said...

Your sketches are beautiful! So sorry your princess is sick...

Hey, I tagged you for a meme...check out my blog...:)