Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thus Far....

It's 12:30pm and so far today I've managed to find a lot of ways to put off cleaning my house....

  • I plucked a bunch of grey hairs from my head
  • I clipped my toenails
  • I've sent three emails
  • I talked to one friend on the phone (but to my credit - she called me!)
  • I packaged an ebay sale and got it ready to mail
  • I've played several games with Olivia
  • I'm typing in my blog

    Can you tell I HATE housecleaning?! As I mentioned in a previous post --we're hosting a Home Group for our church on Friday and I HAVE to have at least a path through the living room...I really need to get busy and clean!

    Oh look, right outside my window are the birdfeeders. Presently there is a Red Wing Blackbird, a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Two Yellow Goldfinches, a Chickadee and a Sparrow eyeing me because the feeders are empty....hhmmmm....vaccuum the carpet? feed the birds? --It's a no brainer! I'm outta here to feed the birds!!

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    Birmingham Girl said...

    I so relate!! I hate to vacuum the most and since I'm back to work and husband is retired, that is now his job. Isn't it funny how we will find any distraction possible to put off doing what we don't like to do. BUT...I will drive several miles for an ice cream! It's all about priorities!