Friday, June 16, 2006

Illustration Friday - Theme: Jungle

Well --it's after midnight in my time zone which means there will be a new theme for illustration friday moments from now.

I thought I better hurry and post my "jungle" illustration before the opportunity slips away.

Here's my gorilla --although I don't think anyone's apt to run into a character quite like him in the real jungle --but then again, you never know!


Birmingham Girl said...

OOHHH...scary but sweet at the same time! I'm amazed at your talent, your home must be filled with the best artwork. I think I'm jealous.

carla said...

He's a wonderfully expressionistic gorilla...he seems to be showing his soft side through the look in his eyes. The colors and the close up of the face work so well with your strong lines.

Janet said...

If I hafta run into a gorilla, I hope it is one like this! He looks sorta sweet.