Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's all about the Tractor....

Today my husband was told by his orthopedic doctor that he needs to have his hip replaced. Even though I expected it, (even with my untrained eye, I could see that his hip x-ray shows bone on bone) it was still a bit shocking. I don't want to see Randy go through the surgery --and the pain --and the recovery. But, I know that it's necessary in order for him to have relief from the excruciating pain he has been experiencing for months now.

When I began talking with him about the recovery procedure --the fact that he won't be able to sit in his favorite chair because it will be too low for him to get out of --the fact that it may be a few weeks before he will be able to drive --the fact that he won't be able to put on his own shoes and socks --the fact that he won't be able to (Wait! Hold your breath!) DRIVE HIS TRACTOR!!! ARRGGGHHH! It was then that he began to reconsider. What will he ever do without his John Deere?

As for me, I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when told that Randy was going to have to have surgery. I hate to have to see someone I love so much go through that ordeal. But I know that God is faithful and will be taking care of Randy through every step of the process.

So...I give it all to Jesus....
the surgery....and the tractor!

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Birmingham Girl said...

Ouch! That's not the news you want to hear, even though you know in your heart of hearts it's gonna happen. It's hard to see the end results when your just seeing the beginning. As for that tractor, my husband will be glad to come drive it! Men do love their John Deere! I'll be praying for a super natural speedy recovery, mean while, stock the house with comfort food........for both of you!!
Hi Olivia!