Sunday, June 11, 2006

Back from Vacation

We returned yesterday from a wonderfully, relaxing week spent in Dubois, PA at at resort on Treasure Lake. During the week, there were two events that particularly touched my heart. The first was while we were on a Geocaching Adventure. Our "mission" on this particular cache wasn't to find a physical cache container, but to view the inscription on the grave marker at the given coordinates and email the message back to the originator of the cache. This particular virtual cache was "placed" by the son of a cacher who has gone on to his eternal home. The inscription on the tombstone read, "Jesus Saves. Believe in Him and we will see you later." Wow. As I read that, I stood and wept as I realized that this man was continuing to tell people about the Lord --even after his life on this earth has ended. What a testimony! And what an encouragement to me to keep on sharing God's Good News! --I'm going to be happy to meet this person one day in heaven and tell him how encouraged I was to read the inscription on his grave. And it will be fun to compare cache stories as well!

The second event which was such a blessing to me was the opportunity to meet a wonderful couple, Van and Jacilyn. Van is a pastor and while vacationing, received a call from his superiors informing him that he would be relocating to a church in a town several hours from where he currently pastors. Having been established in this church for some time, obviously they've formed relationships and were quite saddened to learn that they would be moving on to another task to which the Lord has called them. We were able to spend a brief time with Van and Jacilyn, encouraging them and praying with them. As Jacilyn said, the Lord didn't allow our paths to cross by accident. And she's right. God's Word says that the steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord. Each day, I pray that the Lord will use me in some way to minister to someone else and I was so blessed and honored that he brought this couple into my life --even for the brief encounter that we had. I know that we'll be able to keep in touch via email and phone conversations and am looking forward to getting to know Jacilyn, especially, in the months to come. God is so faithful --with blessings on every turn. May we always be open and willing to be used of Him. We receive so much more in return when we give of ourselves to someone else.

So Jacilyn and Van --this post is for you --here's to our blossoming friendship --may the Lord bless our relationship together --may we always encourage and admonish and exhort one another --and may we always strive to live to further His Kingdom! I'm praying for you!

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Birmingham Girl said...

Glad you're back, I missed you!! Sounds like you had a good time though and that's important. That was so interesting about the grave marker. I can relate. When my father passed away, I seldom visited his grave. It just made me to sad. Once after leaving his grave site I noticed for the first time a marker near his. The inscription said "absent from the body, present with the Lord...and happy!" I never felt sad again. I know where my dad is, and he is also "happy"! God ministers to us through people as well as pieces of marble, isn't He awesome!