Thursday, June 01, 2006

Variable Weather Conditions

Tonight, after suffering through several days of hot, humid weather, my husband walked in the door with a new air conditioner. It's one of those new units that sits on the floor which you can move from room to room. I was excited, as my physical wellness depends largely on whether or not I'm cool. In the heat - my disease process doesn't allow me to function normally. We've had a window unit turned on for several days but the house just didn't seem to be cooling down the way we had hoped or remembered from our experience in this house last season. While installing the window 'connection' for this new unit, Randy said to me, "Why is there heat coming from the baseboard?" it turned out --our FURNACE had been running for TWO days --at the same time the A/C was running. ...uh...duh...turn off the 'heat' setting on the thermostat....what is up with that? Temperatures above 90 degrees and we're running our furnace. Yep. We're right on top of things. So....who wants in the pool ---how much propane did we use to fuel the furnace to help cool the house?! ugh. Sometimes --our brains --fried.


char said...

smooth move ex-lax!!!

Birmingham Girl said...

That made my morning, I love to start it with laughter!! It only proves that I'm not the only one who would do such a thing ~ at least you share it with us to lessen the feeling of "I can't believe I did that, no one else in the world would have"! It helps to be able to laugh at ourselves, doesn't it?