Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not Enough Time

I have come to the conclusion that there simply are not enough hours in my day. And how is it that I've come to this earth-shattering conclusion?'s 10:33pm as I'm typing this and I still have a bazillion blogs I would like to read and a dozen things I need to do before I turn in for the night....not to mention that since we had church tonight, I didn't get the dishes done... I also neglected to help Olivia choose her outfit for mismatched day at school tomorrow. Which means we will probably be rushed in the morning and she won't be nearly as mismatched as she could have been had we chosen her outfit earlier.

I spent over an hour today trying to get through the next level of Angry Birds. Who invented that horrible time-sucking game anyway??!! And why could it not have been me??!

One hour was spent in preparation for our youth group lesson - we gave the teens a spiritual gifts test. OH!...what fun we had...not to mention the interesting things we learned about our small group of teens!

One hour spent overseeing Olivia's homework progress. She did fairly well on her own - which was good (because I was preoccupied trying to solve ANGRY BIRDS!)

Ten minutes was spent on the phone with the bank begging for mercy in hopes that they'll reverse the THREE overdraft charges that hit today when I realized that I paid bills out of THE WRONG ACCOUNT!!! What was I (NOT!) thinking! (Pray for favor please...they will let me know tomorrow if they are able to forgive any of those charges...) Ugh.

I know one thing upon which I didn't spend enough time ....eating. It's official - I'm hungry. My stomach is growling. I think I need to go heat up a bowl of that ham and cabbage soup Brillo Man made yesterday...

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Granny Annie said...

I am most interested in hearing if the bank reverses those insufficient charges. If they do it will mean you bank with a friendly, down-home, locally owned bank, or you have been their customer a long time, or you are rarely if ever overdrawn, or you have substantial monies in their bank or you are related to one of the board members.