Monday, October 31, 2011

My cup of tea

So...It's Monday morning and in an hour from now I'll be leaving to teach my women's Bible study. I thought I'd have a calming cup of tea and perhaps lose my headache somewhere between now and then.

On Friday I purchased several sample tea bags from a little store in an an adjacent town. I wish I had thought to take a photo of the store - but alas, I did not. The Happy Egglant is our new favorite store, one in which Brillo Man and I visit almost every Friday during our "date day." There we have discovered, among other things, some amazingly flavorful Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. The glass flasks are refillable and the oil is imported directly from Italy. Being of Italian descent, I have a slight affection for anything Italian. Not to mention that it's the best olive oil that I have had.

But I digress. I started out talking about tea... The Pomi-Berry Tea Sachet from Two Leaves and a Bud just may be my new favorite! The description on their website reads:

"Pomi-Berry might be the Goldilocks of herbal berry tea. With a combination of calming chamomile, zippy forest berries and fruity strawberry, it doesn't hit you over the head with berry flavor, and it isn't too herbal. It's just right."

It is a very good tea. And I'm thrilled that it didn't hit me over the head with berry flavor because, after all, I do have a headache...


Granny Annie said...

Oh I hope your headache is gone by now. I do so hate a headache worse than anything. Maybe the delicious tea will help.

Amrita said...

Tea certainly soothes headaches for me too

Crown of Beauty said...

I don't really like tea, but the way you describe this one makes me want to try it!

Definitely, I wouldn't want anything that hits me on the head!

I also scrolled down a bit to catch up on my blog reading... Olivia's mismatched attire was really unique... and that cabbage and beans and ham dinner prepared by Brillo Man made my mouth water!