Friday, October 21, 2011

...and Now I wait...

I have finally taken the steps to do something that the Lord has been calling me to do for a number of years. I will pursue my Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling beginning in January.

All paperwork is I just wait for a response from the Veterans Administration regarding financial aid (as the wife of a disabled veteran, I qualify for education benefits!) Today I received a letter in the mail stating that they have received my application and due to "a great number of claims, action on mine may be delayed." Fun. Whee. So typical of anything having to do with the VA...ugh. Hopefully, the finances will come through BEFORE the admissions office will require payment for my classes. If not, I'll be taking out a student loan to get me through the interim. At any rate, I'm believing that the Lord will work out all the details. He has called me. I'm trusting He'll equip me.

So for now...I wait.


Pat said...

Waiting can be hard, but when the Lord is in charge, you know that the waiting will result in the perfect answer.
I'm so excited for will touch so many lives and in return also be blessed!

Margie said...

I'm guessing He will be right on time! Praying!

You know what's weird? Normally I can't comment because I can't see the word verification... so I have to wait till I get home... then I forget... and today I can!