Friday, October 28, 2011

Anybody Need a Chair?

I was SURE that long ago I posted something about Brillo Man's amazing auction win. 63 Filing Cabinets....Does that ring a bell with anyone? I can't locate the post - so perhaps I didn't post it...but I was sure I did. recap...he was absolutely thrilled to have won an auction of 63 government surplus filing cabinets. Then he had to rent a HUGE U-Haul to bring them home - and then rent a storage space for three months to house them while he decided where he would put them.... He then bought a very expensive shed to house them - so he could store "stuff" in them. ??!

Yesterday he arrived home with these:

Goverment surplus chairs....
We are NOT buying another shed.


Pat said...

Oh my!
Perhaps he needs an intervention! I know he must have a plan for all those chairs...what's his plan?

Granny Annie said...

I too am married to an auction-holic. We had property in Kansas with several out-buildings all filled to the brim with auction booty. We have been in this home five years and we own a 220 ft. long barn that is almost filled with auction booty. If you need anything -- just ask. I'm sure we've got it.

Trish said...

I see that your Randy can't resist a bargain! Lol. I miss you girl!

Julie said...

What's funny is that I've been wanting to get a filing cabinet for the office downstairs. Now I know where to go... :0)

Margie said...

Well... I must say that I would be none to thrilled if that showed up at my house! LOL!

I think I would have dropped dead of a heart attack if all those chairs showed up! But then again, you do work with youth! Now they will have a place to sit!

Crown of Beauty said...

oh dear Deb, after reading this post I thought that you must be kidding... but then, I guess you're not.

I'm still chuckling all by myself typing this comment. It's too funny, but I am sure for Mr. Brillo Man it isn't!

Surely, as Miss Patty says, he must have a plan...

I admire your patience, Deb.


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