Thursday, September 03, 2009

We're Havin' a PARR---TEEEEE!!

A wood stacking party....who wants to come?

That's a BIG truck!

Brillo Man can be seen escaping...he says "I'm gettin' outta the way!

Here it comes!

That truck was holding a LOT of wood!

It's almost over Brillo Man's head!

He says..."Let's go in the house and take a rest before we start!"


Trish said...

Brillo Man's getting ready for Winter ...when he can fire up that ol' stove and heat up the place!
Looks like work...not a Par-Tee...enjoy!

Pat said...

At first I thought it said a "woodstock" party! Looking at that pile of wood and the amount of work it would take to stack it gives me a backache! But oh this winter...cozy!

Char said...

Fire up the stove!!! That is some serious wood you got there. Hope it keeps you warm & toasty all winter!

Mrs. Mac said...

Let 'er rip .. I mean tip.

wv: dogriper something for Bently to figure out.