Friday, September 04, 2009

The Party Rocks On!!

Part Two of WoodstAck: Olivia joins us.

Brillo Man and I accomplished a little before Olivia arrived home from school. Brillo Man loaded the wheelbarrow - pushed it to the stacking area and then I sat in a chair and stacked while he sat in another chair and rested. It was a team effort! The entire time I was pondering the comment that the driver made when he delivered the wood, "My Mom and I stacked a pile this big in two hours!" ...well, good for them. It will take us two weeks!!

"I told Olivia that we would pay her five cents for every piece of wood she stacked."
"What? We'll go broke!!"
"I doubt it."

"Olivia, Dad and I have decided that we'll pay you five cents for each piece of wood you stack. But you have to count by fives and you have to remember your final number." (Trying to sneak in some elementary math...)
"Okay, five, ten, fifteen, Bentley, go away, twenty, twenty-five, I'm taking a break now...(post break)...120, 125, 130. Okay. I'm done."
"I told you we wouldn't go broke."
One dollar and thirty cents. That's a lot of wood stacking!

Brillo Man decided that the garden cart and the wheel barrow needed air in the the tires, so he and Olivia hopped on the tractor and rode to the front of the house to get the air compressor from the garage. (See what happens when you get old?)

That cart rolls so much easier now. Just look at how fast Brillo Man is loading that wood!! ("Are we done yet?")

(Please note the ladder in the background is STILL LEANING on the side of the house --been there since that bird built the nest in the Spring...who wants to bet that it will still be there next Spring for the next nest??!?!!!)

Stay tuned for more coverage of WoodstAck...


Mrs. Mac said...

... is it stacked yet? Can I help and earn a nickel per chunk?

Jada's Gigi said...

At least Olivia is helping. Is it stacked yewt??

Constance said...

"Scuse me while I kiss this guy!"

I thought I'd add a little Hendrix there! Ha Ha!

I am heading your way for some warm fires in the Wintertime! I keep dropping hints and flat out telling our older daughters that firewood is a GREAT Christmas gift for us but I guess they don't think that's an appropriate gift! Oh well....