Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hello all ---I updated on the prayer blog several days ago, most of you may not have had a chance to read the post. Brillo Man is okay --after spending a night in the hospital for observation, it was determined that he had no heart problems. Although he's supposed to follow up with a cardiologist (knowing him, he won't.) We think he pulled some muscles which was causing his pain. Better safe than sorry - I'm glad he was checked out (he is too!) Thanks for all your prayers and concern!


Trish said...

Deb...I had seen the update but just wanted to make sure, that you were all okay...miss your posts!

Char said...

He needs to go ahead and follow up with cardiology anyhow. I'm glad he's OK.

Happy Birthday, Deb!

Terry said...

yes i saw it deb and i was so thankful and we will continue to pray for the other tests that he has to take..
and i hope you guys will be in fine shape to celebrate june 2nd!!
to celebrate a marriage that was surely made in heaven!
love terry

Jada's Gigi said...

Girl, its been a week! We were getting worried! Thank goodness all is well!

Diane said...

I did see the update and am so thankful he is doing okay. Yes, he needs to follow up, but no, he most likely won't! Not if he's like the wonderful man I was married to! Men!!! You gotta luv 'em! Take care of youself while all this is going on, okay?! Luv you!

Many hugs........


Pat said...

Apparently we all saw the update..we just wanted to hear more from you! So glad he's ok.
Happy birthday!

Margie said...

I didn't see the update... I must be the only one! I just kept praying!