Friday, May 08, 2009

Mother's Day and Campfires

This weekend Olivia embarked on her very first overnight camping trip for Brownie Girl Scouts. She was SO excited!--bouncing off the walls from the moment she arrived home from school until the moment Brillo Man and I left her at the heated camping lodge complete with modern bathrooms and comfortable bunk beds with mattresses! (Whatever happened to tents in the woods?!) Actually, for a first time overnight trip, at the tender age of six, I'm glad she's going to be warm and dry and comfortable in the lodge. There will be time for tent camping later on when she's a little older.

Olivia at camp with her box oven.
She tells me she baked some delicious cookies!

...sound asleep in the recliner.
Her camping trip completely wore her out!

I read something in a recent post on Connie's blog: ..."from the moment (your children) are born, you are teaching them how to live apart from you. Every step they take will take them further away and every word they learn will move them to greater independence". While Connie and I are the same age, we have two very different family situations. Her four children are grown and she is a Grandma. I have an almost-seven-year-old and am old enough to BE her Grandma! I don't imagine it's any easier though to watch our children transform into independent beings right before our eyes. No matter what their age.

I think about my own Mother. Mom will always be my Mom - no matter how old I get to be. The feelings and love she has for me will never change. I don't imagine that it's any easier for her to watch from a distance her children's independance all the while fondly remembering her days of constant close watch over us. Perhaps there are days when she wishes she still had us all to herself...but then again, perhaps not. Just as Connie has said that she has earned her Mother has also. She's put in the long hours; praying, worrying, wiping snotty noses, caring for us when we were sick, holding us when we were afraid, doing all the wonderful and difficult things that you do when you're a Mom...and loving us....unconditionally.

On this Mother's Day, I'm reminded, as always, what a great sacrifice my Mother made for me. There will never be words grandiose enough to thank her properly. I have always appreciated her, especially when I became an adult...but much MORE now that I'm a Mother myself! Unless you're a Mom, you can't possibly comprehend the emotion that goes along with the title. I believe that something happened in my heart the moment I became a Mom. It's indescribable!

Even knowing all the things that my Mom did for me, I'm most grateful for her love. I now understand how much I was (and am) loved by my Mother....and my heart is full!

I love you Mom! May you be blessed in ways that you can't imagine for all the ways that you bless me with your incomprehensible love! Happy Mother's Day!

Of course, the photo that I wanted to post, of Mom doing the motions to "Father Abraham" while singing around our Girl Scout Campfire, is nowhere to be found, so I had to settle for this:

Mom circa 1990 after having just been attacked with Silly String!

Her children arise and call her blessed...
-Proverbs 31:28


Terry said...

aw deb...this is such a cute picture of your mom.
mom looks like just a real fun person...she doesn't even look like a gramma and you don't look 48 either[neither does connie for that matter!]
what i think is that your shenanigans kept your mom young and now that olivia is keeping YOU young!.....i hope you have a very happy mothers day! terry

ps bernie's mom was 42 when bernie was born...

Constance said...

I enjoyed your post today and thank you for stopping by. You really should post the story of your great-grandma becoming a Christian!

I was Laura's Girl Scout Leader for 7 years! WE ave earned patches and badges out the wazoo! I became a leader because out of my 4 children she in the most different from myself. Our personalities are almost opposite and I wanted to make sure we had a connection. Scouts was good for this! The activities and camp outs and crafts are something she remembers to this day! By the time she was in High School, she was a Civil war re-enactor, promoted to Corporal and ran her own "cannon crew".

It's rewarding even if it's a bit sad when your kids grow up. I haven't always gotten it right and I've blown it many times but I always kept coming back for more. The stakes were just too high!

Have a lovely Mother's day and one of these days maybe all of us scarf sisters will have a get together. If not here the other side of heaven!

Trish said...

I love how they come home from their little excursions and completely collapse...sleeping for hours! It's bittersweet to watch each phase of their lives...knowing that what we are doing is giving them wings to fly! Thank God...we are leading them in the steps of a Saviour, who gave His all...what a better path to follow than the footsteps of Jesus!
Wonderful picture of your Mom!

Pat said...

I can't believe how Ms. O is growing! Wow, where has the time gone? I'm sure you ask yourself that same question.
Your Mom is so precious, that is a great picture! I would love to meet her, I think we'd get along just fine!

Lori said...

Looks like Olivia had a blast at camp. And man, oh man...has she had a growth spurt? She looks so much taller than last time we saw her.

Jada's Gigi said...

Great post and great pic of your mom! Reminds me of my sister...always in the mix with the kids...and let me just clarify IS easier to watch or grown children from afar that it was raising them...thank God!
You are blessed in your mom and in your motherhood. Olivia looks like she had fun on her campout...i can't imagine letting Jada go away camping at her age. :)

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