Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Six Favorite Unimportant Things

Okay Pat, here goes:

  • Chocolate - in any size, shape or form.

  • The act of creating art - in any size, shape or form.

  • Wasting time on the computer.

  • Scavenging yard sales and thrift shops for big bargains and reselling for big bucks.

  • Brillo Man's creative homemade soups. (He hasn't made any in awhile...I'll have to start bugging him about that. Lord knows that there's not nearly enough things that I do that bug him. ahem.)

  • Listening to Olivia sing. If it's not a "real" song, then it's one she's 'writing' on the spot!

    Diane said...

    Ahhh, so the creative Mommy is raising a creative daughter too?! I would personally LOVE to hear Olivia singing! You'll have to air a video!!!

    Many hugs.......


    Pat said...

    All good things, and none are unimportant, especially the chocolate!
    Loved the picture of Ms. O belting out a favorite tune! Where on earth does she get that talent from....hmmmmm?

    Constance said...

    Like Mama like daughter I see! All that creative expression coming out! Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate Brownies, is there really any need to say anything more?

    Margie said...

    what a great post! I love your list!

    I love Miss O's shoes

    Mrs. Mac said...

    Olivia is you all rolled up in a pint sized girl!!! Artistic, creative, gutsy, silly.

    Gotta love that chocolate fix too.

    Trish said...

    I see that Miss O already has a keen fashion sense...what a character she is!!! Chocolate in any form...well, except for in coffee...yuk!
    Enjoyed your list Deb!