Tuesday, May 05, 2009


There is a creature living in the ceiling. I have no idea if it's a rat or a bird or what?!!?! There's a lot of "tapping" going on...which makes me think (hope) that it's a bird and not a rat.

Meanwhile...several weeks ago someone from church came and repaired the place where the soffit had come down so we wouldn't have to deal with critters in our house. ...which makes me think it might be a rat and not a bird, since rats seem to be able to find their way through tight places.

Too bad Bentley can't get to would be gone in two seconds flat!

Pray that it leaves!! It's creeping me out! I have dominion over this, right?!

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image,
according to Our likeness;
let them have dominion over the fish of the sea,
over the birds of the air,
and over the cattle,
over all the earth
and over every creeping thing
that creeps (through the ceiling of your house!) on the earth.”
Genesis 1:26


Diane said...

Oh, absolutely!!!! I say you just need to walk right up to that attic and find him and cast him out in the name of Jesus!!!!! :)

Hope whatever it is takes his leave before long! Have a great day!

Many hugs.........


Mrs. Mac said...

I'm hoping it's a bird. We had birds in the attic when we lived in a very old house. The funny thing (after I learned the noise came from birds and not rats) is that the mother bird kept returning and feeding her babies. But the babies got too big to fit through the 'outlet' hole. When our landlord finally got over to inspect the suspicious noise, he gathered up the babies ... now much bigger than the mother :) It was a mess up there with nest material. I hope you get the noise makers out of your attic soon. Hugs,

Terry said... you think that it could be a squirrel?
mrs. mac's story reminds me of one time when the guy next door knew there was a squirrel in his attic and being the kind hearted man that he was, he waited one day until the squirrel stepped out to do its daily shopping.
then that man got a piece of tin and nailed it over the spot where the squirrel had been going in and out.
two days later, our neighbor knocked at our door and when we answered, he said to us.."that squirrel has been knawing and knawing at that tin for two days...i just wonder if she has a set of babies in there? i guess i had better check!"
then he climbed up his ladder, took the nails out with a clawed hammer and pulled back the tin.
oh deb, it was just like opening up a tin can...there in the "door" opening popped up four little faces...babies..with big bright and inquisitive eyes!.
the man who always wants to pretend he was so hard hearted, growled at bernie and me..."well they can stay until they are growed and then i am going to kick them all out and nail that tin back in again!"
ha!..he needn't had worried..the mother squirrel rushed in later and one by one she took each baby into her mouth and carried them away to a new house.
what really touched bernie and me as we watched from the kitchen window, is that she even took one baby squirrel out that had passed away...the love of a mothers heart!
we noticed later that mrs. squirrel was having a hard time to eat and we realized with horror that her teeth were all ground down.
from that day until she could eat with the other squirrels and birds, bernie ground up peanuts and left them in a dish for that devoted mother....this was 13 years ago but mrs.mac's story brought back the memory and it seems like yesterday..

hope that rat or bird [or squirrel] you have there deb vacates the premises.! terry

KayMac said...

My friend just sent out an email for prayer. She has a momma racoon and her babies in the attic. yikes! praying for your critter to find a new home.

Jada's Gigi said...