Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Photo #4

To continue with the "random" rut that I'm in....I opened the front door and snapped this random photo just a moment ago. Ten or twelve inches of new snow today on top of what we had. I lost count.

That's my van - literally two feet from the front door - had it been in the garage.... Ha. I told Brillo Man that had he not filled the garage with stuff....he says that had I SOLD the stuff that's in there... We have a three bay garage. One bay was converted to my studio. That leaves two bays. Do we park in there? Nope. Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

The guy on our tractor is our neighbor, Butch. He came to borrow the tractor because his truck is stuck in the snow. He offered to plow our driveway out when he returns. Yahoo! Brillo Man won't have to do it - which is good because it's very painful for him with his hip that needs replaced to get up and down on his beloved John Deere.

Some Amish neighbors wanted to go ice fishing on our pond today---not going to happen as the pond is fed by several underground springs which means even as cold as it has been for months, there are places that haven't frozen over.

Our neighbors usually head for warmer parts...Arizona, I believe. I caught a glimpse of Sue yesterday in StuffMart but she dashed by before I could say hello. So that means they're still here in the great white north. I'm thinking of asking them if I can stowaway in their luggage...

I am SO ready for Spring!!!


Dawna said...

You forgot to blog about getting attacked by crazy eight cards. (I think it was crazy eight?) THAT was too funny! I happen to think you are one of the most interesting people I've ever met. You're eclectic and a bit eccentric. Cooler that cool. Such a good friend. I'm blessed...smiles!!

Mpm said...

When it is 90 degrees next summer take out this picture and look at it. Maybe it will cool you off. ha It's pretty to look at.

Constance said...

I have to say, I will take snow over this blasted ice any day! Yesterday we went out to buy a new microwave since ours bit the dust after 22+ years. A microwave is as essential as a furnace, so out we went. We really didn't have any problems on the roads near our house at all. However when we got home and Dave backed the car into the driveway, it started sliding down the driveway while he was unloading the new microwave! I was jumping up and down and yelling at him to "catch" my car! I wish I had it on video!

Margie said...

ICK! I hate snow!

Trish said...

I love the snow...I marvel at it's beauty. And I agree with Connie, it sure beats the ice storms they've had in other parts of the country!!!
Have fun cleaning off your van...Hee Hee Hee!

Pat said...

If you notice the blogs from us Northerns we all have the same thing going...snow! I'm starting to dream about gardens and flowers and green grass and gentle breezes and bare feet, and BBQ on the deck and open windows.....oh sorry, I think I went into some sort of hibernation trance!

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm in Paradise right now. It was in the high 60's today. But, when I return home, the snow will still be there. Summer's a coming Deb.
Enjoy the snow :)

p.s. You mentioned using rr ties in the garden ... just don't use them for the veggie garden ... the leach chemicals from the wood. Use untreated wood. Maybe you and Olivia can plant a wading pool this spring with a little salad garden. That would be a nice start and easy to maintain.


byhisgracealone said...

farewell to january, but perhaps not the snow upstate NY