Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. My favorite color of m&m candy is green.

2. My best friend and I once threw wheat paste all over the walls and lockers in junior high school, denied it when confronted and then I apologized to the teacher the next day because I felt so badly that I had lied.

3. I need a new watchband.

4. My fingernails are too long --they get in the way when I'm trying to type this blog.

5. I spent four to five hours sorting through four or five square feet of space filled with boxes, papers, art stuff and junk ...and I STILL don't have it cleaned!

6. While standing at the stove earlier tonight with a runny nose,
I sang "Granny's in the cellar, Lordy can't ya smell her makin' biscuits on that darned old dirty stove? In her eye there is some matter that keeps drippin' in the batter and she whistles while the (sniff) runs down her nose!"

7. I would rather be in Florida right now.

8. I have a secret zit-picking fascination (which is now no longer a secret.)

9. I'm thinking of having my teeth bleached but have heard that it's painful and am hesitating.

10. I just bought two new bathing suits because the one I had been wearing was more than ten years old. (One of them is pictured at right.)

11. I do not drink coffee.

12. I would love to sleep in tomorrow, but can't as I have to get Olivia ready for school and on the bus.

13. Dawna gave me the coolest beret hat today which I am wearing as I type this.

14. I just squished a bug.

15. I just opened a Christmas card which had been buried on my desk since mid-December.

16. I am WAY behind on my etsy orders. I have about ten pendants to make and ship out and I have no desire to get them done because my studio is no longer heated with the pellet stove since we sold it and put in THE (wood) STOVE downstairs.

17. Popcorn is calling my name. Can you hear it?

18. I don't have a favorite color.

19. I haven't balanced my checkbook in over five years since I follow every transaction online.

20. Someday, I would love to take a hot air balloon ride.

21. The night before my Clinical Microbiology final in college, I found a copy of the final which the professor had left in the laboratory. I took it with me, assuming it was an old final. I spent several hours memorizing every question and then during the test, when I saw that it was actually my final exam, I never confessed. I got an 'A' on the final --and it was because I had cheated. (Char, do you remember that?)

22. I have a hard time throwing anything away because I might need it someday. In fact, I think I have boxes in my garage which I've never unpacked since college. That is just wrong!

23. I always wear socks to bed - even in the heat of the summer.

24. I love to dip pizzelle cookies in applesauce.

25. Yesterday, I bought a new crockpot because mine died.


Constance said...

What's the second verse of that song about Grandpa, slobber and cobbler?

Char said...

The rest of the song is
"down her nose
to her toes
and the [sniff] kept running down her nose"

I don't remember you even taking Clinical Micro while I was there. I thought you were still an art major when I graduated. I do remember 'finding' a Social Psych final and copying it for Ski.

Those wre the days my friend...

Dawna said...

What a musician you are. Hey, we all have old when we had to put in votes for homecoming queen I chose me bause I didn't like any of the girls running. I was the one I put in the slot for "other". I'm sittin here laughing my head off over that one. What a gimp! But always with a kleenes in my pockets. Hey and you know I love ya anyhow, but for Pete's sake don't feed me anything. And..I'm telling Randy about your song and dripppppppy nose. EEEW.

Dawna said...

where was my spell check. geez....

Deb said...

Char....oh, yeah, Julie probably remembers DO remember the time that Julie wrote my extra credit term paper on the Yanamamo Tribe for Renata Wolynec's Intro to Anthropology class, yes?! I got an 'A' on that paper! Pitiful. Twice I cheated in college --the Clinical Micro final and the Anthro. term paper. I STILL feel guilty about those times! What was I thinking?

Trish said...

Nice to know these random facts...M&M's, Pizelles, mmmm, mmmm,mmmm!

Pat said...

I love reading all these random things about you. I hate to wear socks, winter or summer...and NEVER to bed. I do love M&M's though and I don't think I ever want to be on a bathing suit again unless it has legs and sleeves!

Mrs. Mac said...

Now I know why my granny kept a tissue (snot rag) shoved up her sleeve when she cooked (lol) ... You are so in trouble if Olivia ever reads your blog and finds out you double cheated in college ;) better say five Our Father's and six Hail Mary's for that sin. I think you should draw a sketch of Pat wearing a bathing suit with long sleeves (hee, hee) ...

wv: ficioni ...sounds Italian

Mrs. Mac said...

BTW ... I wear socks at night all year long too ... any old mismatched socks are appreciated sister ... send me a few :)

wv: minalco

Detective Minalco discovered the body in the basement.

Pat said...

Now you've gone and done it Mrs.'ve opened the door for a sketch of me in a long sleeved bathing suit. Thanks!