Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Photo #3

(click to enlarge)

This is a small section of our very cluttered refrigerator! The little girl in the pink top is unknown to us....a photo we found in the closet of our very first apartment when we got married. I pray for her every day.

The other little girl is one of three children we sponsor. Redeat lives in Ethiopia. I pray for her daily too --when I see their photos, it's a reminder to bring them to the Throneroom!

The third photo is that of Olivia from Vacation Bible School this past summer. She was in the "Monkey" group --appropriate for her, since one of her nicknames is Monkey!

There's a little stuffed armadillo...because there are armadillos almost everywhere you look in our house! All the other stuff is just that....stuff!


Mrs. Mac said...

So far, you're having a rather 'random' week sister. Hoping you are getting some rest.

Pat said...

I like it! I knew of someone who wouldn't allow her children to put anything on the fridge, she said it ruined her decorator look and made the kitchen look like clutter. I felt so sorry for those girls. Mine always has "stuff" on it!!

mom said...

Must be an inherited thing. Like moter like daughter. ha

Margie said...

My fridge has SO much stuff on it, I think someone could come over and read for an hour and still not get it all!

Trish said...

My fridge always has photo's or precious handwork from one of the
Grandbabies...It's not clutter but precious treasures!