Sunday, October 28, 2007

She Can't Ride a Bike?!

Olivia is five. And she doesn’t know how to ride a bike. How sad is that?

You see --we live on "the state park" and have no pavement anywhere - with the exception of the road - which is obviously no place for a kid to learn to ride a bike. (At least not if you're me - overprotective parent that I am...)

This past summer I should have been more diligent about taking Olivia to the community park which has a bike trail. She could've learned to ride. Problem is - there are no benches in this park on which Moms can sit and watch their kids crash their bikes. And with me needing a place to park myself and rest a lot...the no bench thing was a deterrent. So --we didn't go very often.

This afternoon, I made this cute little mini book to sell on my etsy site. I had the illustration of the Retro Red Bike and it reminded me of the red bike that sat ever so regally in my garage as a kid. It was very similar to the blue Schwinn that also had a space in the garage. I think the blue one had been my Mom’s bike when she was a kid. And now I had one almost just like it. I rode that red bike for a few years - and then all I could think about were the cool, banana-seat bikes with the high handle bars. I wanted one. I wanted the one with the groovy flower power seat. And I got one for my birthday one year. It was a bright turquoise color - and it had the flower power banana seat - and a basket! Wow! I was livin’ high on the hog now!!

Fortunately for me, my birthday is at the end of May –the beginning of the summer season. Aha - so many miles to ride!....

I rode that bike all over town. Literally. My friend and neighbor, Bobbi Jo, and I would ride everywhere. We lived on our bikes. Stopping only for an occasional round of perpetual Monopoly set up on Bobbi Jo’s front porch –the never-ending game that lasted all summer. (I used to buy as many houses and hotels as possible - as quickly as possible - and would squeal with glee when my friends landed on my properties and had to give me all their money!)

One day my Mom and I were driving past a church in our town.
“Bobbi Jo and I rode out here on our bikes.”
“No, you did not.”
“Yes, we did,”
“You couldn’t have.”
“Why not?”
“We’re more than ten miles from home.”

I was in fifth grade.

Next year, I think I’ll take Olivia to the park so she can learn to ride her bike.
Or maybe not.

My sheep wandered over all the mountains
and on every high hill.

-Ezekiel 34:6


KayMac said...

My daughter was five when she learned to ride as well. While we had LOTS of sidewalks, for some reason it wasn't a priority for her. Rachel could roller blade, dance, do we knew it would happen. Then one day she decided it was "the day". She crashed so many times and was black and blue all over but wouldn't give up until she had conquered bike riding.

Have fun riding together next summer!!!

Margie said...

Phyllis was 9. If she's not interested, it's not a big deal.

10 miles!! in 5th grade? holy cow!!

Lori said...

Don't worry...both of her cousins were older than 5 when they finally learned. I think Rachel was 8 and Julia was 6. It's almost like potty training. When she's ready to learn, she'll learn. And you'll be amazed at how quickly she'll learn. Bring her to our house next summer with her bike and maybe she'll want to ride with Julia around the culdesac.

Anonymous said...

I remember the banana seat bike and am still amazed that you and Bobbi Jo rode so far on your bikes. I guess had you asked I would have said a deffinite NO!!

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

Not to worry. When it's her time, she will ride. She is gonna be just fine.

Jada's Gigi said...

10 miles from home on a bike!! scary these days..but pavement isn't a necessity...actually not preferable for my kids...we taught them on moderate inclines in grassy areas..falling down doesn't hurt nearly so much..:)

Pat said...

Don't give it another thought - winter is here and who wants to ride in the snow. Yuck.

CharPghPA said...

Hey, David is 6 and he can't ride a bike either. And, it's for much the same reasons - there's only the street and we are MUCH too overprotective!! Also, we were too lazy to take him anywhere to ride this Summer.

Janet Rubin said...

The banana seat was the coolest:) My best friend and I roller skated back and forth between our houses that were a mile apart several times a day. We also played Monopoly all summer in a special hide out we made in the garage. Unfortunately we always got in fights, accusing one another of cheating. (I still think she was cheating:)
Ah, memories.