Saturday, November 24, 2007

AH...the Aroma...

Once again, I'm reminded of the little blessings in life. How God is in the details.

The other day, I took a bunch of my art to a flower and gift shop in a nearby town. The manager is a dear friend and he's selling some things for me. While there, I noticed a display of Colonial Candles. Their oval jar candles are by far, my favorite. Brillo Man bought me some of the Oval Jar candles as a wedding gift - which we, of course, took on our honeymoon. I've been in love ever since - with the candles. (And Brillo Man too!) I have several of them throughout our home. And what's really neat about them is that when you've used up all the candle, the oval jar makes a great "keeper" of stuff. Buttons, sea shells, marbles --whatever strikes your fancy --looks great in the oval jar. And since I'm one who KEEPS EVERYTHING, a chic oval jar container is lovely way to display some of the stuff that I won't throw away.

Anyway, as I turned to leave the store, my friend said, "Wait, I want you to have something." He picked a candle off the shelf and handed it to me. A blessing indeed - as I'm not in a position to be spending $15 frivolously on a candle. (You know, the whole mortgage industry stuff....) Anyway - I now have a fragrant Pumpkin Pie Spice Candle to add to my collection of Colonial Oval Jar Candles.

Tomorrow - we're having Thanksgiving at our house. I know - we're late. The girls are coming home (Randy's daughters) - so we thought we'd wait and celebrate with them. My mother will also be joining us, as will my good friend, Ellen and her granddaughter, Angel (Olivia's best friend in the whole wide world.) So...I've been cooking for the last three days. It takes way too much of my energy to prepare a huge meal such as a Thanksgiving feast in one day. I have to spread out my efforts. Everything is ready to just pop into the oven (with the exception of the mashed potatoes and the vegetables which I'll do tomorrow.) The yams are done, the acorn squash is done, the pumpkin pies are baked, the stuffing (or dressing for you southern folk) is done and ready and stuff into the bird. house has smelled heavenly for the the past three days. Even Brillo Man commented on how good it smelled as the pies were baking. (I told him not to get used to it.)

Earlier this evening, I walked past my Colonial Pumpkin Pie Spice Oval Jar Candle and thought to myself that I guess I wouldn't be needing to light it just yet. Perhaps I'll send it to mrs. mac.

Every morning and evening they present burnt offerings and fragrant incense to the LORD. --II Chronicles 13:11a


Jada's Gigi said...

sounds yummy! and nice that you stretched out the holiday by eating on the weekend..:)

Mrs. Mac said...

Oh, you are too funny girl friend ;)!
We did indeed eat out ... and as sumptuous as the dinner was, there is something to be said for a good home cooked meal that you can leisurely eat all day long! Next year we are hopefully eating at home.