Thursday, October 04, 2007

Laughter - the Best Medicine

A merry heart
doeth good
like a medicine.
Proverbs 15:13

Many of my blog buddies will remember my friend, Dawna. She had back surgery yesterday and I know would appreciate your prayers!


Margie said...

I will pray for this inparticular for her.

Pat said...

1. ~ Tell Dawna that Michigan sends love and prayers...and tell her I miss her and want her to start blogging again. She has a gift of encouragement and Lord knows we all need encouragement! Get well Dawna - we love and miss you and I want to encourage YOU and tell you what a great person you are!!!!
2. I LOVE this baby! I've played it several times and it's like the sweetest music to my ears.

Sara said...

Father; touch our sister Dawna and give her a quick recovery so that she may continue to touch others on her behalf. Be her comfort and her joy as she takes this time to regain her strength. And come back to blogworld with us!

giggle fits younger sister said...

I was having a horrible day until I watched this. I wish we all had the innocents of a child. Dawna I send you love and prayers with your recovery

ps. I thought of Steph and her giggle fits when I saw this. Hey Dad did she laugh like she does now when she was a baby?