Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lord...of the Flies

Yep, today is Sunday.

The Sabbath.

The Lord's Day.

Sunday-goin'-ta-meetin' day.

The Holy Day.

Today at my house, it's the Day of the Flies.

I've swatted 38 thus far....and counting.

One of the plagues...revisited.


...I will send swarms of flies on you
and your officials,
on your people
and into your houses.
-Exodus 8:21


Pat said...

I think those must be the same flies I wrote about in August, they must be taking a slow trip East. I think I killed just short of a least it felt like it. Oh...tis an awful, dreadful plague.

Sara said...

we've had those too. it's very disconcerting and also yucky.

Mrs. Mac said...

When your pond turns blood red, I'd check out of there ;) ... Now I know what to get ya'all for Christmas (new fly swatters).

Sara said...

have the flies carried you away?

Pat said...

Stop making jewelry, Stop painting, stop leading your girl scout troup and POST!!
Hey - this word verification thing is annoying me! Just thought you'd like to know.