Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Scatter Brained....

My therapist (yes, I have one) says that she believes I have attention deficit disorder - one reason being that I am often unable to complete what I've started and if I do, can't stay with it very long.

For example....I started off a few weeks ago listing on my long forgotten etsy site. I began by listing a few notecards and some ephemera stuff - then decided to make earrings - then decided I needed a 'niche' or something for which I could be KNOWN, so I began to create stained glass pendants. Then I got off on this tangent creating brooches and pendants made from upcycled stuff (i.e. - you take things from the garbage and make them art!). Those pieces have turned out really well (in my humble opinion), however, they will NOT appear in my etsy shop - rather they're going to a shop in a nearby town - hopefully they'll sell there. (The one in the center with the stars is a Christmas ornament - I've made a bunch of those.)

Here where I live, it doesn't seem like there's much of an 'artsy' crowd - if you know what I mean. They're mostly farmers - NOT that there's anything wrong with farmers - but I haven't known too many farmers who appreciate funky art. They're mostly into seeds and cows and stuff.

Anyway, then I got this brilliant idea to do these word and Scripture pendants - so I made a few of those. I'm checking my etsy site practically every hour and noting with horror and disbelief that NOT ONE of my fabulous word pendants has sold yet! What is UP with that?

Then this afternoon, I started searching through my studio space. (Yes, I know I promised pictures of the finished studio - hold yer horses - it's not quite done although I AM able to use the creative space!) I found my acrylic paint and canvas stash, then sorted through my watercolors, then looked through a bunch of ephemera and funky papers for possible collage pieces.... what to do next? Oh --I also found this old peasant skirt that no longer fits me (too big - yeah!) and since it has some really great fabric squares in it, I thought I'd do something fun with the fabric - maybe fabric and glass coasters or mini pillows... At this rate - I will never be known for anything. And I literally have HUNDREDS of notecard designs which I need to list...

I guess Deb's Random Art was a good name for my etsy shop after all.

Attention Deficit...ha!

Your eyes will see strange sights
and your mind imagine confusing things.
-Proverbs 23:33


Trish said...

Wow! Girl you've got talent!
I myself can't draw a stick
God gives us all different talents
mine is not drawing!

Margie said...

You are known... known for great love, of your family, your friends, and God.

Sara said...

scatter on sister.

the artistically challenged said...

Ha I think you have found your "niche"...the fun, funky random, never know what your going to create next niche. Ok at least I like the idea. This coming from someone who cant seem to draw a straight line with ruler.

Pat said...

I have never known a truly artistic person to focus on only one project - it seems to stifle the creativity. I on the other hand can ONLY focus on one thing at at time and have no creativity what so ever. Consider youself blessed.

Mrs. Mac said...

May I sign up for art lessons? Really, you have quite a nice collection. How 'bout paying me a visit ... we live in an artsy area and have farmers. Seriously, there are several art festivals each month around here.