Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Stuff

Pat says she wants to know what makes me goes:

1) Freshly popped popcorn with no "grannies"

2) Olivia's laugh

3) Watching the birds feed inches from our window

4) Bentley sleeping (anytime he's sleeping means a time when he's NOT barking)

5) The smell of Crayola crayons

6) A pot of Brillo Man's homemade soup simmering on the stove

7) The quiet of the early morning when I'm the only one awake

8) Chocolate

9) The sound of chirping tree frogs in the Summer

10) Peach Sherbet

11) Clean sheets and a duvet with a warm, cozy flannel cover

12) Fuzzy bedtime socks

13) School nights with NO homework

14) Nectarines

15) A full to the brim woodstove on a cold, wintry night

16) A bouquet of homemade tissue paper flowers from Olivia

17) Kisses from my husband

18) Antique shopping with my favorite man

19) A great bargain at the mission thrift store

20) Children's art

21) A card received via snail mail (anyone need my address?!)

22) Dear friends

23) Memories

24) Seven layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing and a glass of ice cold milk!!


Pat said...

such a good list!
I had popcorn last night, and let me tell had way too many "grannies"!
Love numbers:
7 if I would get out of bed
9 and on and on!

mom said...

I had popcorn for lunch today and there were NO "grannies" and I counted eight layers to your cake. Some of your faverates are mine too. Love ya

mom said...

opps spelling error