Friday, February 25, 2011

Cart Man. I Mean Brillo Man...

So...Brillo Man comes in the house the other day BEAMING as he exclaims with excitement in his voice... "Hey! Guess what I got?!"

Me: "It's hard to say..."

Brillo Man: "A Shopping Cart!!"

Me: "...a shopping cart...?..."

Brillo Man: "YEP!"

Me: "And what are you going to do with a shopping cart?"

Brillo Man: "Put wood in it!"

Me: "Put wood in it......"

Brillo Man: "Yep!"

Me: "okay..."

So the next day, I go downstairs to load some wood in the wood stove - and there it is....the shopping cart.

With wood in it - just like he said.

Have cart. Will push wood. Because, after all, it's SO MUCH easier to move the wood around with the shopping cart... ahem.

So a few days later....

Brillo Man: "Hey! You'll never guess what I found on the way home from the VA!"

Me: "'s hard to tell..."


Me: "are you kidding me?!"

Brillo Man: "nope."

Me: "wonderful."

Brillo Man: "you don't sound so excited....hey, I had to do a lot of maneuvering to get this one - I had to turn around and go back up the road and some guy almost hit me...:

Me: "wonderful. glad you didn't get hit. ....and what are you going to do with this one?"

Brillo Man: "Put more wood it in!" you think there's some law against owning two shopping carts?

The way I see things, at least we're set if we ever become homeless...

Brillo Man dragging Cart #2
through the ten inches of new snow
around to the back of the house.

Reality TV. Someone needs to sign us. Seriously.


Mom said...

Have wood will travel. All I can say is you've got a winner. Don't ever let him go. At leaset when you're homeless you won't be cold if he can find some matches too.

Trish said...

This made me laugh. Sounds like he's keeping a look out. You may be the proud owner of a few more before the winter's over!
Hey, you can never have too many shopping carts...Lol.

Pat said...

CBS called. They want to cancel Survivor and replace it with "The Family Who Lives In a State Park".

Diane said...

Wow! Now, how many people can say "I know a 2 shopping cart family"?!!!! ME, ME, ME!!!!! Loved it Deb, simply loved it!

BTW, the verification word is "horrism" holding something back up there in PA?! ;-)

Crown of Beauty said...

Deb, this was really cute. I loved it. Your Brillo Man is a gem. Comment from Mom is so right - "Don't ever let him go."

Do they sell shopping carts there per piece? I assume he got them at a second hand store.

I don't get the connection of having a shopping cart with being homeless... is it because homeless people move their things around in a shopping cart?

Forgive me my ignorance, I don't live in America...

Well come to think of it, homeless people here have their things in wooden pushcarts... I think I'm getting it!

Heartwarming post, Deb.


Lori said...

And now there are two homeless people who are wondering what happened to their shopping carts.