Monday, February 07, 2011

Creative BED HEAD

This is National Hair Care Product Week. Not really. But PAT was sharing about her big fat sexy I thought I'd share about my BED HEAD.

Here's the deal.

a) I wanted to post a photo of the bottle of the product that I use so that Pat would know what it was when she checks her comment section and...

b) I was seriously in need of posting something silly as my brain is on the fried setting from all the seriousness I've been posting recently on our Sister's blog

So, there you have it. I use BED HEAD - because my once very thick, easy to manage hair has been reduced to much thinner, not so easy to manage, complete lack of volume, poker straight older lady hair.

I'm hairing (or hearing...I really didn't mistype that on purpose - but it works - so I'm leavin' it...) Anyway...I'm hearing from Mrs. Mac that we all need to be thankful for the hair that God gave us.

What does she know?

I'm lovin' my Creative Genius hair care product. ...brings out the artist sculptor in me! ha!

Brillo Man recently told me that I look like Sarah Palin.... ya think so?


Crown of Beauty said...

The photo of you with all that hair is hilarious; and yes I think you have a resemblance to Ms. Palin...

I came by to thank you for the posts you have been doing on the Sisterhood blod. I woke up middle of the night and thought I'd check if you had written anything new... and when I came to the part where you posted the lyrics of the song Beyond the Open Door, I sensed that God was speaking those very words to me. I became teary eyed, and felt my heart beating faster.

Thank you Deb... the song is such a comfort. Looked it up on youtube and posted it on my blog... the video and the lyrics. It is so timely...God knows what I am going through. The song was a both a comfort and a confirmation.

In another season, the song you shared finds me, and speaks to me, just as it did to you the moment you took that step of obedience.

Thank you


Pat said...

You have me laughing like crazy~ not unusual though!
What does Mrs. Mac know? From the looks of her fabulous hair, she doen't know about dealing with thin hair!

Trish said...

Yes, with that beauty queen bouffant you do look like Sarah Palin!
I love bed head products...being a semi-retired hairdresser I am quite addicted to hair products!
Thank you for making me smile Deb.

iSMILE said...

lol that looks like a possibly useful hair product :P

Terry said...

ha debbie!!you should call yourself brillo head!!
one sure does make your face thin! terry