Monday, November 01, 2010

Idaho....part three...

Admittedly, I've been a little sad these past few days. I've been missing my scarf sister friends from the trip. I got to thinking this morning that I better get busy and post some more photos before so much time has passed that no one will be interested to see them anymore!

Here they are...taking pictures. I have more pictures of us taking pictures...I could start an album just of those (sorta like my coffee table water tower book - trust me - I have plenty of water tower pictures...ask me about them and some day I'll tell ya.)

This was outside the resort where we had a grand breakfast! Mrs. Mac's treat! She was so kind to treat us to several meals and an awesome boat ride while we were there! I had some super duper HUGE scrambler egg thing which was loaded with all kinds of stuff...including, but not limited to, Idaho Potatoes!

I made Mrs. Mac drive all over creation looking for this fence so that I could take a photo of it (I missed the photo op on the first drive-by!) I'm thinking that I'll ask Brillo Man to construct a similar fence somewhere along our property - perhaps surrounding the chicken coop - or as he calls it...the Chicken CUBE (more on that in a future post!)

Here's Mrs. Mac, Cheryl and Pat at The Greenbriar Inn - Sunday Brunch! Yum-O! Another treat by Mrs. Mac! She sure kept us well-fed! Brunch that morning was delicious!

At one point on our journey as I was tagging along behind (typical of me as I don't always move as quickly as I would like...) I spotted this dragonfly. Pat turned around and wondered what in the world I was doing...why, taking a picture of a bug, of course! (Pat did a great job at maintaining her patience the entire weekend! I'm sure it was difficult for her whenever it came to me and my lollygagging!)

We visited the Caltaldo Mission - a very interesting place indeed! I so enjoyed the architecture and the history of the place! Interesting fact - the ornate ceiling was stained blue with huckleberries!

Mrs. Mac humored us and drove us to Montana just so we could say we had been there. Along the way, I saw this Mountain --Look! It's marked with an "M" for Mountain! No, Deb...that's "M" for Montana!! Oh.

More Photos to follow...


Pat said...

Where was I when we drove by the mountain with an "M" on it? I have no memory of it!
No need to thank me for my patience, I was glad to have someone along who moved at the same pace as I do!
I love looking at the pictures each of you took, each perspective is just a bit differnt and brings another memory of a great trip to my mind. It makes me want to make sure I never miss a sisterhood reuinion if at all possible!!

Deb said...

You were sitting right next to me - in the back seat - gazing out the window at the mountains on the other side. (The ones marked with "OS" for "other side")

Pat said...

You crack me up!

Deb said...

It's my job to make you laugh. :)