Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Loooonnnnnggggggg Day!

Olivia was home today - sick with a stomach bug. And I spent way too much time listening to episode after episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. (ugh.) And I listened to Bentley barking. ALL DAY! Brillo Man had errands to run - so he left, but before he did, he took Bentley outside and let him roam around in the old fenced in area which used to hold the chickens. We have a new and improved chicken cube now (not coop, cube - more on that in a future blog...)

Bentley would have to bark - because neither Olivia nor myself was well enough to make the walk over to the area where Bentley was unhappily housed!

While Olivia was busy working away on a page of math facts....Her new mug arrived via UPS. She was so involved in her math that she never noticed me going to the door, retrieving the package, opening the package and pouring her something to drink....AND...since Bentley was outside - several acres away...all of his barking at the arrival of the intruder (UPS guy) didn't register with her since he had been barking ALL DAY anyway....

Here she is enjoying her new mug!

Olivia began to feel a little better and volunteered to go bring said barking dog back down to the house... because we were tired of hearing him bark. Of course, Brillo Man returned home a minute later!

Bentley is now exhausted - asleep on the floor and Olivia is sound asleep on the couch...and I'm about to be sound asleep in my bed...if I can just get that SpongeBob theme song out of my head....


Trish said...

There's nothing like fresh eggs Deb!
I can't believe how big miss Olivia is getting and what is it about Spongebob that is so entertaining!?

Jada's Gigi said...

Very cute mug!