Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Idaho!!! part two

I, like Mrs. Mac, did NOT take enough photos!!
Here are a few!

Welcome to Idaho!!

Sunset the first evening - turning Lake Coeur D'Alene into a pool of silver...

I believe this is the oldest building in Coeur D'Alene....Mrs. Mac, correct me if I'm wrong! A beautiful church - now used for weddings, I believe - but not for regular church services.

On Day Two, Mrs. Mac treated us to a lake cruise! What a wonderful time - and the scenery - stunning at every turn!

Cheryl, Cathy and Pat on the pier - heading to the boat...

The photo doesn't do it justice...the view was spectacular! God's beautiful creation - created just for us to enjoy at that moment in time!!

There were a couple of guys on jet skis showing off their skills! I'm thinking that the water was way too cold to be riding a jet ski!!

Stay tuned for more!!


Saija said...

i LOVE these pics, Deb ... it looks like you guys had a really wonderful time ...

you know, i looked into flights and $$ but the timing and logistics didn't work for mem ... i was sad 'cause i know you all had the BEST of times and God just knit your hearts together!!!

so cool ...

thanx for your encouragement too - after reading my first post on scarf sisters ... God is good - ALL the time!

blessings on ya!

Pat said...

I will never get tired of seeing these pictures, even though I was there!
I will try to post some of mine tomorrow. Try being the key word!
I'm catching up on housework..yuck, and the every day routine that was still here waiting for me.
I'm tired...about to call it a day!

Constance said...

It looks wonderful! I wish I could have gone as well! Maybe the next one! Better Winter while y'all are freezing, we can have the next one down here!

Mrs. Mac said...

I think Connie just volunteered herself to host the next reunion :) (Thanks;)

I never tire of seeing sights such as these, Deb. Today, is date day for Mr. Mac and myself. We're headed to ride the gondola up Silver Mountain (on the way to Wallace) .. will take some pics for sure.

Make sure there is a part 3, 4, 5, 6 ... etc. Purdy Please :)

Mrs. Mac said...

Wouldn't that have been so cool if Saija (our newest sister) could have joined us. For sure (LORD WILLING) next time :)

Terry said...

oh deb! these ARE nice photos!
just feels like we are traveling along wiht you.
you guys sure did pack a whole lot of fun into such a short length of time!
i am so happy for you! terry

Amrita said...

Brillian t photos Deb

Debra said...

Such lovely photos and I'm glad you had a wonderful time!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog this week and leaving a comment. I appreciate it! Did you watch Neverwas? :) I even watched it again the next day with my husband and enjoyed it just as much.

Thanks again and I hope you'll visit my blog again soon! Blessings, Debra

Jada's Gigi said...

I second Connie's idea of hosting the next reunion in San Antonio...:) Perfect idea!!

Steve Finnell said...

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