Thursday, November 04, 2010

Pittsburgh...or BUST!

Pittsburgh - one of my favorite places to be...

...although not so much when the reason I must be there is for an appointment with my neurologist...way too much time spent today in his office and far too little time spent in Pittsburgh!!

BUT...I did manage to sneak in an hour of trompsing (is that a word?) through one of my favorite neighborhoods, the South Side. (if you're from Pittsburgh, you must pronouce it "SowSide" - the "th" is optional!)

I grabbed lunch for $1.75 at The Pretzel Shop on East Carson Street.

This looked much better before I ate most of it! ...a pretzel with cream cheese disquised as a healthy lunch...with veggies on top! (not nearly as healthy as it looks!)

I also brought home a bag of pretzels! (more carbs...gotta love those carbs!)
It isn't often that I get to Pittsburgh and since I can't buy these anywhere near my home...I splurged!

I then ventured across the street to the S&S Candy and Cigar shop (what those two things have in common, I'll never know) hoping to score some Abba Zabba and Big Hunk candy bars! While they had every other vintage candy on the planet - they had no Abba Zabbas or Big Hunks! In fact, the proprietor didn't have a clue. Oh much for my plan to surprise Pat with a package of Big Hunks!

Walking back to my van, I noticed this on the sidewalk...

...of course, I had to take a picture! As I did so, a gentleman called to me from the nearby Mediterranean Market...he proceeded to tell me that he and a friend put those pieces of ceramic on the sidewalk, hoping to brighten up peoples' days! He also said that over the years, HUNDREDS of people have stopped to take a photo!! It certainly put a smile on my face!

Crossing over the 10th Street Bridge on my way home, I leave my beloved Pittsburgh behind...until next time!

If we were ever to have a Scarf Sister Reunion near my home...this is where I would take you! Trust would be tons of FUN!


Jada's Gigi said...

and I would love exploring it with you!

Pat said...

The Sowside looks like very interesting, and your pretzel sandwich looks yummy! Everything is better with cream cheese!
No Abba Zabba's or Big Hunks? What's this world coming to?

Cindy said...

What a fun adventure. I really enjoyed reading about it and seeing the photos.

Cindy said...
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Char said...

I would show up for tHAT reunion!!!!