Friday, October 02, 2009

School Picture Day

Today is school picture day. I chose to snap a few photos of my own as I know once picture time arrives, there will be no curl left in Olivia's on this dreary, rainy day in Greenville! ....I'm headed off to the kitchen to whip up tonight's dessert - a recipe from my dear Scarf Sister Trish! I trust you all are having a wonderful day as you recognize God's blessings in every minute! ...just look for'll find them!


Pat said...

That's a beautiful picture, and that childs hair is fab! What a pretty color it is...people spend a lot of money to get that color!
I was going to make Trish's dessert too, but I'm elbow deep in paprikash!

Trish said...

She looks beautiful and her hair is lovely Deb! Today was also picture day for my 3 oldest was rainy here too. So, we worried that Maddy would have a "Fro Puff" before pictures, because hers is so curly! are making the Slow Cooker Apples! I love them! Gotta buy more apples because I want more...hope you all like them!

Sara said...

what a sweetie pie!