Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brillo Man Update

Brillo Man is doing okay. Surgery went well. The surgeon spent about 20 minutes with me afterward explaining in detail all that he was able to do to fix Randy's hip. He's confident that it's a good fix and that this hip will last him the rest of his life. Being a Christian, we also talked at length about the Lord's goodness and he prayed with me and gave me a hug before he left. I feel so blessed that we were directed to him - God is good. He's in the details.

I do ask that you continue to pray. I had to leave the hospital at 7 pm in order to be at church by 8 pm to pick up Olivia and get her home and tucked in bed. During that time, the nurse didn't give Brillo Man any pain medication. He called me in tears saying he was in the worst pain he's ever experienced in his life. The nurses weren't answering his calls and he was understandably very frustrated. I learned that they were switching his pain meds around and were waiting for the anesthesiologist to write the order. In the meantime - Brillo Man had no morphine drip - no dilaudid - no nothing! ugh. He needs me there to be his advocate...

Anyway...he's in the Lord's hands - which are the best hands in which to be, eh?

Thanks for your continued prayers!

Updates to follow as I'm able.


Pat said...

So glad the operation is over and he came through fine. A lot of time people think it's the nurse dropping the ball with pain medication (sometime it is) but they can do nothing without a doctors order. Come on you Dr.s, no one should have to go through such pain!
I am keeping Brillo Man in my prayers, as well as you. The house must stay strong and well, in Jesus name!

Char said...

I know you feel he needs you there as an advocate, but never forget he has an Advocate with the Father. Hope you & he are doing well and pain is under control.

Louise said...

Thankful the surgery is over and praying for a complete recovery with no complications. Bless his heart, dealing with pain is difficult and as Pat said, often it's the doctors, not the nurses who drop the ball.