Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Buying Stock in Hand Sanitizer...

Okay - just got an email from Olivia's teacher saying that Olivia "is complaining a LOT about head and ear and stomach. Just a heads up in case she is on her way to swine city." Ugh. Swine Flu is going around here in our school system. Why they don't close the schools for a week is beyond me....but anyway...Olivia came home from school and is very hoarse - has a sore throat and a stomach which is "feeling crummy."

Our dilemna is this: This evening, her church group, Little Saints, is having a practice. If she misses the practice, she won't be able to perform at The Harvest Party which our church is hosting on Halloween. She LOVES Little Saints. She agreed to go lie down and take a nap - which indicates to me that she is REALLY not feeling well.

I just want to drown us all in bleach!!! I'm on the CDC's list of "at high-risk of complications of serious illness" with this N1N1 because I have MS. ?! Makes no sense to me because with MS, my immune system works triple-overtime to attack my central nervous system....and I'm not often you would think that my increased immune response would be good to battle this swine flu virus. Apparently not - according to the CDC.

Okay --According to His stripes I am healed. I say "phooey!" to swine flu!!

Oh...and Olivia's Art Work pictured above has absolutely NOTHING to do with this post!


Mrs. Mac said...

I'm holding tight and having mixed emotions about not giving Nathan the H1N1 shot/nasal spray. His school is giving it to the kids with their parents permission this week ... OK, I'm going to just forget about it.

Hoping Olivia is not pink as a pig with the flu. Please update soon!

Pat said...

It's a tough thing to see your child sick, but the H1N1 virus is very scary. It's also a hard decision whether or not to give them the vacine.
I heard on the news that people my age aren't as likely to get it because we've probably already had it in our life time and we are now immune. Some times it pays to be old!
Keep us posted on how Olivia is doing..I'll be praying!

Trish said...

Poor Miss Olivia...I agree with you, they should close the schools if there are confirmed cases. Praying for you all!!!
Tomer, drives a school bus and asked me just today, to buy him a big bottle of hand sanitizer!
My youngest daughter works at an Urgent Care facility and took the swine flu shot last week...within 2 days, she was feeling bad and is now SICK! I do not trust that vaccine!!!

Jada's Gigi said...

J was sick for about 10 days...4-5 with fever...we figure it was the Swine official diagnosis but what do you think?? Now my daughter and SIL in HI are both pretty sick...again no diagnosis but the H1N1 is rampant there just now so ...whada you bet they have it too. No vaccines here....we figure they are too untested and the flu isn't all that terrible except for a few poor souls and no more so than other flus so we are Not doing the shots/spray.