Monday, August 17, 2009


Olivia and I spent some time yesterday creating miniature Chinese Lanterns. She got a pattern for one in a McDonald's Happy Meal and that reminded her that she had watched a show on Noggin which talked about thing led to another and we were coloring, cutting and taping! At one point, she tired of coloring and we cut some pages from a magazine. We strung them up to surprise Brillo Man...I think Olivia thinks we're having some kind of festival...she sure is excited about her lanterns!

Promise you won't notice that the exercise bicycle in the background is being used to hold a beach towel and a grocery bag of cans of black olives from the store!!! (ahem.)


Trish said... are a couple of crafty gals! Creating memories that last a lifetime...wonderful!

Char said...

A true child of an art major!!!

Pat said...

I've always had a love of all things Oriental..the art work is lovely!
Where else would you put cans of olives?

Constance said...

Very cute and she looks like you in that picture!

I won't notice if you won't notice I still have camping gear laying about in my scrapbooking room!

Jada's Gigi said...

Fun project..hey maybe you ARE having some kind of festival! by lives by the grocery bag full??