Wednesday, July 29, 2009

After the last post... you're all wondering whether or not getting together with me is such a good idea.

Admit it.

That's what you're thinking...

...I know it.

Truth is....I'm nothing at all like Meekakitty. Although I've done some bizarre things in my life....

  • I danced on a table in a pub to Mack the Knife.

  • I put crushed chocolate ex-lax in a roommate's food. (It wasn't my idea.)

  • I won the contest to see how many cheeseballs one could stuff in their mouth at once. (And I have the picture to prove it...I just don't know where it is!)

  • I have been known to eat peanut butter and braunsweiger sandwiches with a glass of milk as a chaser. (Learned that from my Dad.)

  • I once spent over 30 minutes watching Meekakitty videos on YouTube.

  • I impersonated one of the Andrew's Sisters and sang harmony in a trio for an entire summer at camp. Other campers actually asked me for my autograph.

  • I mailed someone a rubber chicken - no box - just an address on a tag around it's neck. (...hey, I now have the addresses of most of the Scarf Sisters....)

  • I cheated on a Microbiology final in college. (I found a copy of the final in our lab two days before the test. I assumed it was an old test. It wasn't. When I discovered that it was the actual final, the right thing to do would have been to tell my professor and have him make another test...but I didn't and have NEVER forgiven myself for that!) That would be "true confessions" and probably doesn't belong on my list of "bizarre things I've done in my life..."

  • I kept a dead, formaldehyde-preserved frog in my dorm refrigerator for three weeks - right in there with all my regular (ahem) food.

  • I named the frog Ralph.

    Trish said...

    Deb...I love you! Us fuddy duddy's need someone like you to liven things up! God made us all different and that is such a good thing...I just don't think I want to meet Gordon!!! LOL =:)

    Trish said...

    Oops...the frog's name was RALPH...sorry!

    Mrs. Mac said...

    Gordon, Ralph, Kermit .. ? A dead frog in your refrigerator ? Why? No, I don't want to know ;) I'm having second & third thoughts about having a scarf sister reunion with you, Deb. I think you would be keeping everyone up into the wee hours of the night spewing things from your mouth ;). ... Oh, maybe that's what's needed ... I've been in the same fuddy duddy camp with Trish for way too long :) You are too silly girl!

    Jada's Gigi said...

    I'm SO relieved to hear you are nothing like Meekakitty...LOL
    You danced on a pub table??really?? :)
    peanut butter and braunsweiger??
    You are too weird!

    BUT I still really want to get together with you at a Scarf Sisters Reunion!!
    Can't wait! Only Meekakitty MUST stay home!

    Char said...

    It was unflavored ex-lax.

    Constance said...

    Loved catching up over here at the "Nut House" (said with much affection). Am I bold enough (translates to crazy enough) to post my bizzare-ness? Hmm...maybe!