Monday, June 25, 2007

Today She is FIVE!

Happy Birthday Olivia!!

I prayed for this child,
and the LORD has granted me
what I asked of him.
--I Samuel 1:27


Lori said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! Can't wait to see you on Saturday. Love, Aunt Lori

Olivia's big sisters said...

Happy Birthday to our little munchkindoodle/bugaboo. Cant wait to see you on Saturday. We Love You Always,

Pat said...

Happy Birthday - I WISH I could see you on Saturday!
Didn't those 5 years go by quickly? Such a sweet picture - she's adorable, what a blessing God gave you in that precious child.
Hang on tightly Mom, your little ones growing fast!

Margie said...

I think that girls gets cuter by the day! I hope Brillo man has a big shot gun!!

Happy birthday Miss O!

Sara said...

Happy birthday to you, a happy birthday to you! Each day of the year, may you find Jesus near. A happy birthday to you! A happy birthday to you; and the best year you've ever had!!

what a beauty! good job mom and brillo man!

Pat said...

HA! Deb - those old A/G songs live on forever - even in our children! I kept myself from writing the same song and ...what do you know? - there goes Sara with it! One day Ms O. will be singing them to her children!!

char said...

What a gorgeous child, and a miracle, all in one! I hope her 5th was great!!!

Jada's Gigi said...

Happy Day Olivia!! and Deb! :)