Thursday, June 07, 2007

Just call me Techno-Impaired...

Thanks to Pat, my cell phone bill may have increased by $30 this month. And it's not because I spent a bunch of minutes talking to Pat on the phone, because, if you follow her daughter, Sara's blog, you would know that Pat, like Sara, doesn't like to talk on the phone. (I won't mention that twice in my life, I have picked up the telephone and filled Pat's ears with tales of woe...and since then, I've learned that she hates to talk on the phone....she's in Michigan, I'm in Pennsylvania and gas ain't guess what? In the future, if I need the advice of a friend, she will have to suck it up and endure the dreaded phone conversation.) Anyway....

Today, on Pat's blog, she posted the lyrics to a song by Toby Mac.
Toby Mac? Pat listens to Toby Mac?

I don't own any of their CDs. Although I am familiar with some of their music, I hadn't yet heard the song that she posted.

When ‘googling’ the lyrics, hoping to find a site with an MP3 file where I could listen to the song, I found this great site where I was going to be able to download the song's ringtone to my cell phone. Cool.

I also found a bazillion other neat ringtones such as the theme songs to some of my favorite childhood TV shows: The Addams Family, The Munsters, Popeye, Little House on the Prairie, (aka Little Shack on the Grassland if you ran in my circle),

Mission Impossible, Perry Mason, The Twilight Zone...(okay, anyone who knew me as a child - Mom, you know who you are - will know that I was PETRIFIED of the Twilight Zone opening where that big eyeball appeared on the screen. But, I digress. Again.)

I had so much fun clicking and listening to all the different ringtones, that it wasn’t until I read the fine print in the ‘terms of service’ agreement that I realized I had just committed Brillo Man and myself to paying an additional $30 a month in fees to be a member of all these ringtone ‘clubs’.

It turned out that it was a simple fix. All I had to do was text the word “STOP” to the companies and I could opt out of the agreement. Problem. How do I send a text message? As techno-savvy as I like to believe I am, I had never sent a text message - because they cost a whopping 15 cents each - unless you have ‘the plan’ - which we do not.

The first text message “STOP” went to my Aunt Carolyn - since she is the first person in my phone address book and I had no clue (obviously) what I was doing. Aunt Carolyn will retrieve this message from her phone (probably about three weeks from now, knowing how frequently AC checks her cell phone messages...)...and she is going to wonder what in the heck “STOP” means. I’ll get a call. (Of course, if she would read my blog, she would know and could save herself the trouble.)

After a phone call to the cell phone customer service rep, she ‘walked’ me through the proper way to send a text message and thankfully, I was able to prevent the certain-to-be stroke that Brillo Man would have had had he opened the cell phone bill and discovered it was increased by $30, thereby sparing me much grief and him months of rehab...

I considered telephoning Pat to share all of this with her personally....but....she hates talking on the phone.....

..."What is this babbler trying to say?"...
-Acts 17:18 (taken SO out of context, it isn't even funny...)


Kelly said...

Well geesh you could have just called me and I could have helped you with that one. hmm maybe I should send you a text just to see if you could figure out how to read it.

Pat said...

Focus Sister, Focus!!
You're very silly! That's a very funny story, I'm just glad you didn't call me on the phone to tell me about it! :)
What are you implying, I'm too old to listen to Toby Mac..sheeesh! Aunt Carolyn sounds like Hal - he doesn't feel any urgency to check to see if he has voice mail - or listen to it!
By the way, I don't text either - its a waste of money and time in my opinion - and it also requires use of the phone which I hate!
Oh, you can call me any time you like Deb, I do make exceptions for special people!

Margie said...

i love texting, next time call me!

char said...

ROFL - I STILL call it 'Little Shack in the Grassland'!!!!

Call me CPR Certified, or just certifiable said...

One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand......two quick breaths,
One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand....

In case the brillomeister ever gets wind of the Mrs Text Messaging.

call me namollirb. said...

Important health facts to save your man.

Sara said...

you may live in a state park, but you are still me. admit it. now go put out that fire in your dishwasher

Pilgrim Pals said...

Dear Deb..
Thank you so much for your visit to my blog today.
I am so thankful that you are praying for my dad.
It is just so incredible how many from the "Miss Patty connection" are praying for him!
I was so surpised this morning when he called me and I think he was surprised too!
He said "I never even got dizzy this morning when I went for the paper!!
Thank you for your prayers!!..Love Terry

Oops.. I did it again!
I forgot to change back into Canadian Blogger!
One of these days I will get into the swing of understanding this computer.
As it is, it is one in the morning so I had better go to bed!!
Otherwise I would rewrite this comment..

KayMac said...

this cracked me up...especially since my daughter and I just got new cell phones and i totally am lost trying to figure out mine.

Jada's Gigi said...

I am SO cracking up!! This is hysterical!! I think you should call Pat just to annoy her...LOL
texting is good for certain circumstances...but the kids use it like crazy and can text in their takes me so long that I might as well drive from GA to MI or PA to chat...:)