Monday, June 18, 2007

Famous Words

...or things that have come out of my loved ones' mouths on more than one occasion:

Olivia: “It was Dorothy.” - spoken whenever she needs someone to blame. Dorothy is her imaginary friend who takes the rap for quite a bit.

Mom: “This too shall pass” –an always encouraging reminder that God is working things out for my good –regardless of how things may appear to me.

Dad: “Deb, you’re beyond hope!” -spoken to me on any one of the MANY occasions that I would be ‘gung ho’ interested in a project or scheme.

Grandma C: “Many are called...but few are chosen” of her ‘famous’ lines. (Which I still think about to this day –especially when the things of my life seem to take up all my time and I sometimes neglect to spend time with the Lord.)

Char (my long-time college friend): “Tell me more! I want to hear more!” - spoken whenever she thinks that I’ve left out important information when sharing the events of my life.

Grandma P: “Deb, when are YOU going to get married and have children?” -spoken to me almost every time she saw me –and especially if she had just received news of a recent marriage or childbirth.

Lori (my sister): “Ewww! That’s Nasty!” - spoken on various occasions whenever she sees

Olivia: “Oh COME ON, Mom!” –spoken whenever I refuse to give in and let her eat a second ‘chocolate popsicle’.

Brillo Man: “I’ll be right up. I’m working on something. Let me finish it” -spoken a dozen times over the course of a two to three hour span before he actually DOES EMERGE from his office downstairs...

(I’m composing this post while waiting for him to emerge. He’s been coming “right up” for the past hour now...)

When he caught up with them,
he repeated these words to them.
-Genesis 44:6


Pat said...

I love this little insight into the personalities of those people important to's very sweet. Kind of makes me wonder what I keep repeating - and it also frightens me a little too! I was wondering, just what quote would people tie to you? Come on people who know Deb well...let's hear it!

Lori said...

"Sisters...we are Sisters..." Sung by Deb for as long as I can remember as she is "swaying me" back and forth. I'm sure I can think of more Deb-isms that have something to do with putting bags on her head and singing but those were always performed behind closed doors and aren't quite as famous as the "sisters song". Heehee.

Sara said...

ok, now it's time for your words! where is that promised poem sister?

call me: busy saving the world, one mortgage at a time. said...

I'll be up as soon as I finish catching up on your blog.

Mrs. Mac said...

Oh, Mr. Brillo Man is way too funny!

"If they do, they do ... and if they don't, they don't" my dh's favorite line.

Very interesting how what we say over and over has such an impression on those around us.